Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bitty Weeks

It has been a bitty last couple of weeks. Seem to do loads of things and get absolutely nothing done. I'm sure you all know the feeling. But hopefully we are still moving forward.

We have had a few friends either staying or on holiday nearby and it's been great to see them. Our friends J & A helped us to move here last year so having them stay was of interest because they could see how much (or not) we've done. I think overall not too bad considering.

The wildlife pond is lined and filled. Now I need to finish it off and get the pond plants. I also dug out another vegetable area. This year it has been planted up with 'Choux lapin'. This is a brassica that is a good winter feed for the sheep. At €4.50 for 100 plants and having the space it will hopefully be worth doing.

I have got the timber to build the boys a new play tower for the garden. It will be similar to the one they had in England but with add-ons. It will have two towers with a walk way between them and a section at one end with swings and climbing rope. It will keep them entertained for awhile and be good for our future plans.

Animal wise we checked the sheep's feet for signs of foot rot and cleaned them up (see previous post). Six new cockerels arrived and will be fattened up for the pot. The first batch of cockerels are nearly ready pour dîner. Last Friday Rosie bought three turkeys from the local market. These will be fattened up and slaughtered in December. They are in the barn at the moment and I need to get an area fenced for them to run outside. I also went to see how to butcher up a goat carcass that had just been slaughtered.

Today we have the village 'Mechoui' (Lamb BBQ). So not much will get done today. These thing usually go on for quite a well. This coming week I hope to finish the pond, build the boys tower and clear another area of the grounds. Plus our everyday chores.

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