Saturday, 12 July 2008

The Ram Has Landed

I have just seen that I have not written on the blog since the 11th June. With an unexpected trip to the UK life has been a little hectic. Trying to get everything that needed to be done before we left for the UK meant somethings had to give and writing on the blog was one. Grass to cut, garden to weed, house to tidy, cleaning out the hens, sorting out people to look after the animals etc took up a lot of time.

All this was not helped by the sheep who pushed down the fencing around some of the fruit trees so these had to be repaired (the fences not the sheep). Unfortunately they had got the taste for the leaves of the apple trees and then the bark so they broke down the fencing again. Also it was now all fruit trees that was fair game. Drastic action was required before we left for the UK . New posts and stronger fencing was bought and 11 fruit trees had to be re-fenced. I must admit my patience was wearing thin. This now seems to be holding up - third time lucky. I hope so otherwise some sheep will end up in the pot or freezer quicker than planned.

So time has rapidly passed by and we now have a new arrival. I had to get the fencing finished for our young ram who will be put to good purpose in the autumn ready for spring lambs next year. He came with the name Domino but I have nicked named him 'Ginger'! Hopefully he will perform as required and he's definitely keen as today he managed to unhook the gate and get into the ewes field. Our visitors were all ready for an afternoons entertainment of ram chasing ewes closely followed by Rosie and I trying catch the ram. They were very impressed as we cornered him in less than five minutes and dragged him back to his compartment. Although said ram was not impressed. I wired the gate up but we did watch him trying to unhook it again. Well mate you'll just have to wait! And a sudden cloud burst gave him a much needed cold shower.

The plans for the architects have got a bit behind so I am also rushing to get them sorted, but as with most things it takes longer than expected.

Our summer of visitors has started - more on this another time - but I did have to make the bed for them. And before all you women out there say 'Oh what a shame he had to make the bed,' I mean I had to MAKE the bed from woods and screws and things. It cannot be that bad as one week on and it's still standing. Only problem is Ben now wants a new hand made bed!


  1. oh! lambs earlier than planned - Christmas lambing?

  2. No Christmas lambs for us as we managed to get him back so quickly - and the ewe is only borrowed so it would not be us out in the lambing shed in the December cold anyway!!!


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