Saturday, 28 June 2008

Thank You and an English Tea

Thank you everyone who has passed on kind thoughts regarding Dad - they have all been a great comfort. The funeral is next Friday (4th), just immediate family as was Dad's wish. The boys have taken his death very well, as only small boys can. Ben turned and said - "So now that Grandpa is up in the sky he'll be chatting with Grandma (Simon's Mum)". That simultaneously reduced me to both tears and laughter.

Today the boys had some friend's over to play and for an English Tea. I introduced them to marmite which went down very well, as did iced buns with a cherry on top and oat crunchie biscuits. I also had the chance to practice my french with their Mum and all in all it was a very pleasant afternoon. So what English delights should I introduce them to next time? Crumpets, Golden Syrup or some of my Elderflower Cordial?

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