Sunday, 9 March 2008

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

The mouse trap did quite well yesterday, 2 shrews and a nose. A nose? Well that will teach the puppy for trying to get the bait of cheese off the mouse trap. The consequences from this potential tasty morsel was not quite what she was expecting. Snap goes the cheese, thats quite a bite for a medium cheddar. Fortunately for her the noise scared her, the trap missed her and I don't think she'll be trying small cheesy snacks for a while.

I say puppy but she is now much bigger than Poppy and still has a little more growing to do. As you can see they have both discovered the wood burner - ah its a dogs life. Its great watching them run round together and its good for Poppy to have a playmate.

Architects have now been engaged and now we have to arrange a meeting to formalise our plans. So at least this part of our project is taking off. This week we have bought some pear and plum trees, plus a medlar, a walnut and cobnut. We will be getting apple trees soon and then we can get the orchard planted up. Also we bought 1000 hedgerows trees so our hedgerow restoration plan is going well. I must admit I'm not looking forward to having to plant all these trees. Both days for the hedge laying course are fully booked. If the hedge is not finished over the first two days we have pencilled in an extra day for the following Saturday with other people we could not accommodate. So there seems to be interest out there and I may well run more courses later in the year.

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