Sunday, 17 February 2008

Steak and Kidney Pudding

Next time I boast to someone that because the only heating we have is a wood burner in the main room we haven't had colds or bugs and that they should get rid of their central heating because they have had a whole winter of colds may I NOT be struck down by a cold. Well it will teach me to boast, as now we all have real stinkers and feeeling very sorry for ourselves. There again when it minus six outside and not much warmer in our bedroom I do think there is a good case for heating.

In fact we are looking into the best type of heating, ecologially, to suit us and the gites. Quoted over €60,000 to install geothermal heating - um, prehaps a case of 'prix anglais' . Think again time. It amazing what's out there and I'm sure we will get the right thing for next winter.

Eco wise I feel good as I have steamed a steak and kidney pudding (home made) for its required time on top of the wood burner - using no gas or electric - and we have just had it for our Sunday meal and if I say so myself it was brilliant. Almost as good as my mum's. Nicely washed down with a Merlot - should help us sleep.

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  1. Sounds fab when can we come

    love Eddie, Tracy and Dom.


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