Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hedge Laying

Yesterday I laid one of the boundary hedges. Like most of the hedges here they are in need of some management. This one needs quite alot of replanting as there were very few living trees. Unfortunately the stakes and binders were not the best so I wont be winning any competitions. At least I have had a 'warm up' before running the course. By laying this particular hedge it will give us a bit more screening from the track and more sunlight to the vegetable garden. I had previously had to carry out some repairs to the bank here. The digger I acquired is proving to be an asset.

Rosie has started planning the fruit and vegetable garden. She has planted more shallots and garlic and has been preparing the soil ready for other planting. We brought some fruit bushes with us and have bought some raspberry canes so should have a good supply of soft fruits this year. Having had to buy most of our fruit and veg over the last few months we realise how much more expensive it is compared to growing your own. By next year we should be getting good fresh organic crops (fingers crossed).

Its the boys 'petits vacances' from Friday. Two weeks of it. They both enjoy school and we are sure this is helped by the free bus from the village to school (and back), three course lunches and a kiss from the teacher when they get to school. I must admit I'm not sure I would have wanted a kiss from my teachers. Their French language is improving everyday. They do not use it at home but we have heard them speak to each other in French, also Tom speaks to other people - well its already beyond me. They say that within a year they should be fluent. Tom goes swimming with the school and both have had trips to the library, cinema, market and threatre. All these trips have cost us the grand total of 35 euros - for both of them for the year and includes the coaches.

Rosie has French lessons once a week and is doing very well with the language. Although she does get corrected by the boys every now and then. And me, well the less said the better but I am understanding more and very slowly speaking more. If the French don't think I understand they just shout it at me. Not slower as asked just louder. But I manage to communicate by one means or another.


  1. Good luck with the food production and the French comprehension.
    We struggle with both and I still hide behind my wife when the French conversation starts in earnest, but I will learn in time to draw my pension I'm sure.
    Lawrence and Karen

  2. Thanks for the comment and its good to see that people are reading the blog.

    Yes I also hide behind the wife usually with a blank look on my face. I do understand more than I speak but not much, but I'll keep at it.

    And we'll keep slogging at the food production.



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