Animal Tales

Animal Tales

Animals Tales is a fortnightly Blog Linky that runs every other Tuesday to Thursday and which aims to link up blog posts about animals.  There is plenty of scope for posts and I have given some examples below:

  • Pets - your pets and those of your family and friends.
  • Zoos, wildlife parks, aquaria etc you have visited.
  • Wildlife - wild creatures you have seen and/or photographed.  Mini-beast  hunts you have been on or other animal related activities.
  • Animal events - does your dog do agility or you and your pony take part in gymkhanas?  Have you watched ferret racing or duck herding competitions?
  • Poetry and Prose - have you written an animal related poem or short story you would like to share? 
  • Animals in Art - do you have favourite artists who paint animals or have you been to an art exhibition, seen sculptures or created your own animal art?
  • Views and Debates - should schools do animal dissections? Views of animals related festivals etc from around the world - are they right or wrong?
  • Animal related products you love - But no sponsored links or paid for reviews.
  • Tips on caring for animals and how to cope when the inevitable end comes.
  • Animals on holiday - anything related to taking or leaving your pet behind when you go away to animals you come across when on holiday.
  • Pet lists - 10 reasons I would never own a ferret!
  • Art and craft projects related to animals - from simple activates for toddlers to tips for budding artists. Feel free to promote your small business if it has an animal theme.
  • Funnies and photo only posts


The Small Print:

  • Which animals?  All animals are welcome - anything from mini-beasts to the giants of land and sea!  Maybe even the odd mythological creature!
  • This is a blog link so please comment on at least two other blogs in the link up, more if you can!
  • No graphic images - if you are writing on animal cruelty please ensure the images are suitable for family viewing. Graphic posts will be removed.
  • Feel free to add posts that link to other blog linkies (so long as they allow this).
  • Old and new posts welcome.
  • Please add the Animal Tales badge to your blog or post and a link back to either this page or the weekly linky.
  • If you tweet your post with the hashtag #AnimalTales and @EcoGitesLenault  I will retweet you.
  • By adding a link you give permission for me to use any images from your post in future Animal Tales link ups.  Photo credits will be given.

Animal Tales on Pinterest

If you are on PInterest please do join the Animal Tales group board and pin away a pin from each post you link up in the following way:
Please follow my account at and then email me asking to join the group board - Click here to email me.  Please include a link to your pinterest account too so I can follow you back.
Once joined please pin one picture from each blog post you link and then repin at least one other pin from the board onto one of your boards.
Anyone not adhering to the rules will be deleted!

Pinterest works best if you can do the following:

  • Ideally pin vertical posts as these are better displayed and shared.
  • Pinterest loves pins with added text such as this one:
  • If all your blog photos are horizontal you can always create a specific vertical picture for your post that is not on the blog, upload that and then link back to the blog post.
  • For maximum exposure pins need to be repinned and liked
  • Use of hashtags such as #AnimalTales is not advised in your text

Do drop us a comment if you think you would like to join up or of you have any questions or suggestions.



  1. Id love to! i rescued a squirrel a couple of years ago & kept him as a pet! gutted i cant find my pictures now though :-/

    1. Thank you - I'll add you to the list and let you know it starts. Hope you find your squirrel photos. we have red squirrels here - so cute!

  2. I have a few old sits that may fit in. I've only got guinea pigs just now. X

    1. I am sure your guinea pigs are worthy of a blog post!

  3. Are posts about funny (but true, I have witnesses!) allowable?

    1. Definitely - I hope to see as many and varied posts as possible.

  4. I came looking for an 'I've been featured' button. They are a good drawcard for linky's

  5. My post is about animal cruelty and would love it if you featured it in the link up!

  6. right i have a pinterest account, i dont use it, it looks like a 3 yo has scribbled all over it

  7. I so need to sort out a pinterest account out!

  8. Do you still run this animal tales linky?

  9. Hi Rosie

    I help out with a reptile rescue, and write the 'Handler's Blog' which is part of our website (well, I re-started it earlier this year). Latest blog was a tale of a found tortoise, with a happy ending.

    Jane (despite what Google says).


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