Monday, 4 May 2020

Green Blog Round Up - March and April 2020

Each month I put together a post with some of green themed blogs I have come across over the preceding month. I didn't do a March roundup as things all got a bit weird with lockdowns being put in place across the globe and I'll admit my blogging MoJo left home. But it's back now and you'll find below my round up of some of the blogs I have come across in March and April.

I also want to send you this message:

We are on the brink.

Covid-19 has allowed us to see the type of world that is possible if if we pull ourselves back. Now we have been given a glimpse into a different future, what is being coined a "New Normal", we cannot let this go. So please, read these blog posts that all share a common green theme and then spread their messages far and wide. Tell your friends, add them to your social media and above all act on the messages they contain.

Green themed blogs roundup March-APril 2020

Home and Beauty:

Alternatives to Deodorant from Helen McGonigal at Spot of Earth 
My Favorite Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products from Laura at Fairly Southern

Food related:

Baking when you are missing a key ingredient from me as A Green and Rosie Life
Cashew Nuts, Innocent or not? from Justine at Little Green Duckie
How to make home-made wax wraps from Jaymee at The Mum Diaries
Meal plan organisation - keeping track from Karen at Cats, Kids and Chaos

Waste reduction

Simple ways to reduce your household waste from Emma Reed at Emma Reed Writes
Making the case for Eco-friendly Reusables from Laura at Reduce, Reuse, Renew
25 Incredibly Actionable Zero Waste Hacks from Rachel at Fresh Planet Flavor
How to compost Biodegradable Plastic from Christine at Wellness Travelled.


Eco-Friendly Normandy from me as Eco Gites of Lenault
How to use reviews to encourage hotels etc to go low waste from Kayla at Writing from Nowhere
Vegan Zero-Waste Travel Kit for Beginners from Anna at My Travel Scrapbook
Sustainable Travel snacks from Karina at Explore Blue Wild 

Economics and Sustainability 

Covid-19 and Capitalism  from me as A Green and Rosie Life
We Are All Corn People from Susan at Green Living
How to invest sustainably from Aa-saa at Consciously, Awovi
A Guide To Sustainable Materials & Fabrics from Jess at
Pollution falls. The sub-plot of the Covid-19 Crisis, a LinkedIn article from David Mitchell


16 Best Sustainable Documentaries on Netflix from Vivien at The Dharma Trails

Finally, I would like to include this article from the Financial Times. It's an interview with Mr Macron, the French President about the future after Covid-19: Emmanuel Macron says it is time to think the unthinkable.

Take note - it's behind a pay wall so if you are not an FT subscriber you can only open it once before you are locked out.

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If you have a blog post you would like to be added in the May roundup please do get in touch.  If it is green, sustainable, ethical, organic, fair trade, environmental, seasonal or local please do get in touch and I'll include it next month.

Green blogs March April 2020

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