Thursday, 19 September 2019

7 eco friendly things you can do this week

More and more people are now aware that we need to make major changes to our lives to stop a climate catastrophe and it is going to take more that buying a reusable coffee cup or rejecting wet wipes.  Millions across  the globe are striking today to support action - are you?

Strike against Climate Change

This movement started when Greta Thurnberg was a sole person striking outside her school but it has now grown into an international movement supported by hundreds of thousands of people of all ages.  Joins students and adults alike on Friday 20th September 2019 to tell governments and businesses we not only want change we absolutely need it.  There will be other dates for direct action if you are reading this after September 20th so click on the link above to keep up to date.

Students strike again Climate Change.
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7 Eco friendly things you can do this week

If you are not able to strike/protest there is still so much you can do. Here are 7 more things you can action right now that will make a difference.  Together we can do this!

1.  Lobby your MP/Government representative

Let them know you expect them to support laws that will protect the environment and vote against those that will continue to damage it.

2. Become and Eco-Complainer

Send a letter/email or add a comment on the social media pages of a company you want to see change.  Tell them you are refusing to buy their products on environmental grounds and ask what they are going to do to improve things.  They may not notice when you no longer shop with them but they cannot ignore an ever increasing level of complaints.  Become an eco-complainer!

3. Install an ad blocker to your computer

Using cookies and algorithms companies are able to target you with adverts of products they think you will like but in all likelihood do not actually need. It is so easy to visit these websites that tempt you via your screen so by adding an ad blocker you remove temptation and are less likely to shop for more than you need.

4. Switch your search engine to Ecosia

Unlike other big search engines who use their profits to line the pockets of their CEOs and shareholders, Ecosia uses its profits to plant trees.  Visit Ecosia now to see how many trees they have planted.

Ecosia for tree planting

5. Make one thing from scratch that you would normally buy ready made

It might be a food item, a piece of clothing or a gift.  Reject plastic packaged, imported, over processed etc and go for home-made.

6. Give something away

There's a big movement now to declutter but that doesn't mean you have to throw away your excess items.  Sell them on Internet selling sites/Ebay/Facebook marketplace etc or ask your friends if they can make use of anything you no longer need. Remember one person's trash is just what someone else is looking for!

7.  Embrace a more simple approach to life. 

Slow down a bit.   Your life will not fall apart if you don't have the latest phone, fashion item or what-ever.  Enjoy what you have and don't crave new material items.

What steps have you taken to reduce your impact on the planet?  Have you stopped flying or do you cycle to work/school? Do you eat less meat or put on an extra jumper rather than turning up the heating?  Let me know in a comment and I'll share what you're up to on my social media accounts.  We've all seen the pictures of the Amazon forest fires and heard the predictions of where the world is heading unless we change our lifestyles and it can be really disheartening. Let's come together to share the positive steps we are taking and encourage others to do the same.


  1. Hi Rosie, does anyone actually click on ads? To be honest I don't even notice them anymore. You've shared some good tips. I am in the process of making changes where I can, and if we all make small changes big things will happen.

    Tap water is not drinkable in Greece, which is madness because we need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Years ago we used to fill up old bottles from local taps that supplied fresh water to the public, but with the earthquakes and tremors we get here over time many of them became unusable as pipes cracked and the water became unclean. We were recently told that a tap that I pass in our mini-mountains is actually drinkable spring water, so we are back to refilling bottles again and the water tastes good too.

    I have just purchased some reusable freezer bags/ food covers too. I'm not sure how the process of making them affects the environment, but if they last for years it has to be less than disposable ones?

    I find living the simple life suits me. I hate shopping, so clothes last me for years as do most things. I really hate the throw away society we have become. In the last 12 months we have given a home to a refurbished vacuum cleaner and computer for a fraction of the price of new ones. Not only are we recycling them in a sort of way, but I am tickled pink with them.


  2. Not heard of Ecosia, that is useful to know thanks. Trying to do all the others every day! I actually can't remember the last time I bought anything other than food and books!

  3. Hi Rosie, great one. I like the lobbying point, it's something I had been thinking about for a while. I've recently started pestering a couple of large companies with enquiries about plastic content in their product, maybe a drop in the ocean, maybe helpful if more people start asking such questions... #goinggreen

  4. Checking out Ecosia now! Love that idea. Luckily it is pretty easy to live sustainably here in Copenhagen, but there is always something more to do. I will take your tips to heart. Great ideas. Cheers from here. #goinggreen

  5. I'm definitely an eco complainer! I try to make some things from scratch (all our bread as a minimum) and hate driving so always walk/train it if I can. I've always bought a lot of my clothes preowned but now do that for other things as well and we have started repairing things we previously would have replaced- hubby managed to repair the lawnmower this weekend.

  6. Trying to do some of these. I didn't know about the ad blocker thing. We do that anyway, so at least we are doing something I didn't even know was green ish!

    Slightly delayed comment from October #goinggreen