Monday, 5 August 2019

Feedback on Plastic Free July 2019

As we bid farewell to Plastic Free July 2019 I would love to hear your feedback on the month.

  • Is this the first time you had heard of it or are you seasoned in the art of plastic free living?
  • What successes can you report back from the month? 
  • And what failures?
  • Do you think it was larger than in previous years or about the same?
  • Did you see much about it on social media or in mainstream news outlets - TV, newspapers etc?
  • And what do you think we should be doing from now onwards?
  • What else can you add?
Feedback on Plastic Free July 2019

My gut feeling was far more people are plastic aware now than they were a year ago but if we are not careful people will become disillusioned about how hard the task ahead is and will give up trying to reduce how much plastic is in their lives.  We need to keep this momentum going and fight back against the likes of Trump who chose last month to start selling his branded plastic straws or the food department of M&S who launched their mini shop with all its associated plastic.

How can we all work together to beat plastic?  Please do leave your feedback in a comment.


  1. I've noticed quite a lot of shops giving away free plastic toys, Coles here in Australia do it as do Checkers in South Africa. Such a shame #goinggreen

  2. I saw a lot more about it on social media, I will admit, but not so much in real life. I had no idea about Trump and his straws. He is such a twerp...


  3. Mhm a tricky one. Overall I see a lot more package free dried foods being offered in stores (the refill type) - including mainstream supermarkets. Also major supermarkets seem to reduce some unnecessary veg packaging - but I can't really see this being linked to plastic free July but rather as a general consumer/media driven trend. I've seen very little of plastic free July except for people promoting this who are probably reducing plastic anyway already.... #goinggreen