Tuesday, 27 November 2018

6 ways to make your Christmas jumper "green"

You would think that A Green and Rosie Life might be the last place you'd find a post about Christmas jumpers, wouldn't you?  After all they pretty much sum up everything I stand against ... an unnecessary item, bought because everyone tells you you should have one (and who wants to be the ONLY person who doesn't have a Christmas jumper?) and quite possibly made from man-made fibres.  They are a bit of short term fun, worn a handful of times, maybe a social media post or two and then the poor old thing get consigned to the back of the cupboard or worse still the bin.  You've guessed it, I am not a fan.  However, the truth is, that for the foreseeable future they are probably here to stay and when I recently heard that some schools now have "Wear a Christmas jumper to school days", more people than ever will be buying them. With that in mind here's 6 ways you green up your Christmas jumper and make it more sustainable.

6 ways to Green up your Christmas Jumper

  1. Make you own. If you are no good at knitting you could decorate or upcycle a jumper you already have.  Hobbycraft have some brilliant ideas to try out. 
  2. It's nice and warm so you can turn the heating down a degree now.  
  3. If you are really going to buy a new one make sure it is in natural materials and made ethically and choose one that you'd be happy wearing all through the colder weather.
  4. Buy a secondhand one.
  5. Get as much wear from it as you can and remember to wear the same one next year.
  6. Swap with a friend - an easy way to get a new jumper without buying one.

What do you think about Christmas jumpers and can you think of any more ways to make them as green as the Christmas trees on them?

Sustainable Chsristmas jumper ideas


  1. Great idea, Rosie. I've been struggling for years to find one made from natural fibre other than wool (far too warm) - and finally found cotton ones in Marksies (unfortunately wouldn't be able to make one myself, never learned how to knit)

  2. I'm with you on Christmas jumpers, I've not really been into the novelty ones though I do have one which is o
    In it's fourth year of use now and will probably still be around in another 4 years. I certainly don't buy one every year. I made the one Caroline's wearing in my driftwood tree post - she wore it for three years and wants me to cut it out and see onto a bigger jumper this year #GoingGreen