Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Totally Unnecessary Plastic Packaging

Many of us will have seen the episode of Blue Planet 2 which showed the disastrous effect plastic is having on our oceans.  It brought home to many people that the plastic we all handle every day is a HUGE problem and we really need to do something about it.  But for consumers it can be so hard when manufacturers seem to be INCREASING not decreasing the plastic packaging.  Take these examples I have found this week:

A Plastic Wrapped Sink Plunger

Why on earth does this rubber part of the plunger need to have a plastic sleeve around it? It is not a product that needs to be kept extra clean or protected from damage.  The packaging doesn't hold any product details or prices (the price was a small label stuck on the handle) nor enable the plunger to be hung from a rack.  But the worst thing about it all was I bought a plunger just a couple of months ago from the same supermarket and then, IT WAS NOT WRAPPED IN PLASTIC.  Sorry, I had to shout that.  This is NEW packaging. Why Why Why????

Apples or Tennis Balls?

When I was young tennis balls came loose from a big basket in the shop and so did apples.  Now you buy tennis balls in tubes - AND APPLES???  For goodness sake. Four apples in a semi-hard plastic tube.  REALLY???  Another terrible example of NEW and UNNECESSARY plastic packaging.

I have always been pleased to see that France uses much less plastic packaging than the UK but these are 2 examples of totally ridiculous and unnecessary plastic that have recently arrived on the shelves.  Come on France - you can do better than this.  I have posted the plunger on Instagram and tagged the shop where I saw them (Intermarch√©) but to date they have not responded.  I will now send an email.

It is also worth noting though that it is quite possible to greatly reduce plastic.  Easter eggs are traditionally one of the worst products for excessive packaging but look what I found in Lidl - 6 chocolate eggs, wrapped in foil in a cardboard box and seal.  And the sweets inside the eggs were loose.  ZERO plastic!

Have you any examples of excessive or "new" plastic packaging?   Do let me know in a comment.  You may also want to follow this Instagram account:  Pointless Packaging highlights the worst examples of totally unnecessary plastic packaging and works on shaming supermarkets into eliminating it.  Be prepared to be shocked.

You can do the same - take pictures of unnecessary plastic packaging and post it in social media, tagging the shop where you saw it.  Also email them.  There is only so much we as consumers can avoid if manufactures keep creating more plastic packaging and we need to show supermarkets that enough is enough.


  1. Those apples in tubes are absurd, I've never seen that. It all makes me so cross. I'm going to follow pointless packaging on IG, thanks for the tip.

  2. HI Rosie,
    I have actually never seen apples in tubes but sure is crazy. I have seen in wrapped separately in plastic which is also crazy. You are right about the Easter eggs plastic - they way over use what is ever necessary. Thanks for the great information. Sharing on social media. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

  3. Plastic packaging on fresh fruit and veg drives me absolutely crazy! We leave ours at the checkout as a protest. Grr.

  4. Yeah I see many items that are packed in plastic for no bloody good reason, such a waste.

  5. So much unnecessary plastic which unfortunately many of us have taken as the norm until recently. The amount used on fruit and vegetables is ridiculous

  6. I watched Blue Planet with tears and can't actually believe how much wasteful packaging there is. You would have thought the companies would be fined for excess wouldn't you.

  7. I'm so glad more brands are making an effort to cut back their packaging.

  8. Some brands are better than others. What drives me nuts is when buying broccoli at Sainsbury's, the shrink wrapped stuff is cheaper than the unwrapped stuff. It's the same broccoli!!! (I wish I could tell you we paid extra but ...)

  9. Amazon drive me bonkers with their excess packaging, bubble wrap and plastic. I had to order something recently that I couldn't get anywhere in shop (a sombrero for M for a school activity they were doing) and it came in a huge box, with so much plastic around it. Madness!! I still can't understand why a plunger needs to be plastic wrapped when it is new, either... :O


  10. Don't get me started on this, the amount of things that are in unnecessary packaging is crazy! We had some paint delivered the other day (it was one pot) and the box was massive, full with even more packaging and the the paint can itself was completely wrapped in plastic. It drives me nuts! #GoingGreenLinky

  11. Excess pacjagipa is so unnecessary. I recently received 2 Earth Hour cloth badges in a padded foolscap envelope.. beyond ironic and needless to say WWF received a sharp email from me. #GoingGreen

  12. Hi Rosie. I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately the U.K. does use a ridiculous amount of plastic wrapping. Since being aware of our planet's plastic pollution issue, I've been making sure I buy all my fruit and veg loose. If it's not available loose in the shop I'm in, I just don't buy it. Aldi seem like one of the worst culprits for this currently, however, it's nice to see Iceland taking the lead on eliminating their plastic packaging.

    I've also found that by making small changes, it has also influenced some of my family and friends to think about this issue, and to make some small changes themselves.


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