Monday 5 March 2018

Going Green #16 - March 2018

Welcome to Going Green.  This is the place to promote all your green, sustainable, environmental, seasonal, local, organic, fair trade, ethical etc posts ... basically any post that helps or inspires readers to preserve and improve our beautiful world.  If you are not sure what posts would be good or need some ideas have a look here where you'll find all the details about the linky >>> Going Green Linky.

Keep those basic skills alive

I hope those of you reading from the UK/Ireland have all survived the recent bad winter weather.  I heard on the news that at one point gas supplies were running low and some households had no electricity.  Many roads were impassable with this one on Exmoor showing how deep the snow was!  It's at times like this that we come to realise how much we rely in modern world on both our power supplies and ability to jump in the car whenever we want to get necessities in ... until the weather decides otherwise.  Here in Normandy we didn't get the snow but our gas did slow down considerably due to the cold and the road down the hill was too icy to drive down for a couple of days.  However with a woodburner to cook on, flour to make into bread and plenty of home grown supplies in we were not inconvenienced at all.  But it inspired me to write about how important maintaining basic living skills are ... and not just for when adverse weather hits.  Please see my first linked up post for the full story.

Image from BBC Somerset Facebook page

I am also adding a sneaky Eco Easter post - I know I added this to a linky last year but with lots of new followers to #GoingGreen and Easter coming up, I thought it needed another airing. Privilege of being the linky host and all that!

My picks from Going Green February 2018

Thank you to everyone who linked up last month and, as ever, you joined a fantastic range of green themed posts.  Hopefully through all our writings, the green message will spread further and further.

What that did mean though was it was difficult to choose just 3 favourite posts .... but I struggled on (!!) and these are my top picks from February:

Please do head over and read these if you missed them last month - they are all great posts.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my post Rosie, I am looking forward to reading the new posts this month! We have had lots of snow disruption here, and our schools closed for a few days over the worst of it. Bread was the first thing to sell out in our supermarkets. Its my plan to make breadcakes more often to help cut down on the plastic packaging & preservatives, I think I might make some today, inspired by your other post! Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Just linked up my latest posts. Thanks for hosting Rosie. Looking forward to working my way through the other posts :)

    1. It's good to see a familiar face here Gina! :)

  3. Hi Rosie,
    Thank you so much for hosting this great green linky that is always filled with so much great information.
    This month I have shared 5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly, Healthy & Festive Easter. & Earth-Friendly Cleaners-Good for your Health, & Top 7 Immune System Boosters for Cold & Flu Season!.
    Have a healthy, happy & blessed month and Easter!

  4. I often buy second hand, in fact on the weekend Tim bought himself a second hand computer desk and a second hand clothes dryer for our daughter as she said she only wants one for when we have a string of wet days otherwise we use clothes hoists

  5. Thanks for the links..perhaps you might put your blogpost link on the blogging thread on downsizer forum?

  6. Thanks for hosting this linky Rosie! I'm a first timer, so I'm looking forwards to reading through the posts :)

  7. Thank you for asking me to join in. :) I'll have a read of everything else this evening :)


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