Monday 5 June 2017

Going Green #7 - June 2017

Welcome to Going Green.  This is the place to promote all your green, sustainable, environmental, seasonal, local, organic, fair trade, ethical etc posts ... basically any post that helps or inspires readers to preserve and improve our beautiful world.  If you are not sure what posts would be good or need some ideas have a look here where you'll find all the details about the linky >>> Going Green Linky.

Don't waste our planet!

At a time when President Trump has pulled out of The Paris Climate Agreement I feel the message that we must live in harmony with our planet, rather than destroying it must be raised to even higher levels.  Even if Trump was right and increased CO2 levels are not causing climate change, it is impossible to deny the environmental damage that man is inflicting on the entire planet.  From seas full of trillions of plastic particles, to habitat and species being lost at an frightening rate; from air pollution over our cities big and small to the pollution of our land and waterways by increasing amounts of waste with nowhere to put it ... Man is doing a very good job of changing this planet and not in a good way.  And this damage is not some one else's fault.  We all have our part to play to a lesser and greater degree and we all need to work towards a solution.   This month I am having a focus on plastic waste and you can join in too.  The Marine Conservation Society is running a #PlasticChallenge through June and my linked posts are two plastic challenges I am also setting you.  Are you up for a challenge?  Will you take the 100 step plastic challenge and/or my shopping trolley plastic challenge?

My pick from May 2017

Thank you to everyone who linked up last month in what was the largest number so far in the #GoingGreenLinky.  It has made choosing some favourites hard but I have decided on these ... I loved Phoebe's post on natural sculptures in a French forest as I am a sucker for good natural art.  Then Attachment Mummy gave us a very informative post on cleaning without chemicals.  Finally as we are currently thinking about adding solar panels to our small extension The Uncheshire Wife's post on solar panels was very topical.

Image from Lou Messugo
Image from Attachment Mummy
Image from The Uncheshire Wife
Going Green is a subject I believe in with a passion I hope, that with your help, this little linky will go from strength to strength.  Please link up to 3 posts, old or new and let's work together to spread the word that Going Green is both important but also easy.  Please promote the linky on all your social media channels and amongst all your friends. Thank you 💚.

Before you link up may I just remind you of 2 of the "rules":

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Apologies for the loss of image on the link badge here and on your blog if you copied it over.  I had the badge image hosted of Photobucket but as of now they are asking $400 per year to enable photos to be used on blogs etc which is an extortionate amount for the one image they hosted for me.  I have therefore moved my image hosting elsewhere ( and you can find a working linky badge in the right hand column or on any Going Green Linky from July 2017 onwards.

A Green and Rosie Life


  1. Thank you for hosting this great party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I'm so glad you liked my forest art post. I totally believe in what you are doing with this linky and agree we need to do everything we can to save our planet. I'll take a look at your challenges...

  3. Hi Rosie,
    Thank you so much for hosting this great blog hop and to spread the word of helping to save our planet.
    This month I have shared ". Harmful Effects Of Single Use Plastic Bags On Our Environment and Solutions!" & "Tips On How To Save Water In The Vegetable Garden!" & "Plastic Pollution: Simple Tips And Facts To Stop!"
    Have a healthy, happy & blessed month.
    Looking to next months link up!

  4. This was great, a truly wonderful post

  5. Ooh I like this, thanks for doing it, lots of lovely things for me to go and read!

  6. thanks for featuring us!


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