Friday, 12 August 2016

Weekly Green Tips - 7 random Green things to do this week

Week 19 - 7 random green things to do this week

What green things have you done this week?  Maybe you have done lots or maybe you need some inspiration - in which case read on as I give you 7 random things you could do this week that are good for the environment.

7 random green things to do

1.  Have a non-TV day

Turn off the TV.  Read a book instead  (from the library, bought in a charity shop or borrowed from a friend) - or go for a walk, play a board game, cook something totally new ... you choose!

2. Star gaze

Head out, lie back and enjoy the night sky in all its greatness. It makes you realise how beautiful the Universe is and how we should do all we can to protect our little part of it - the earth.

Image from Pixabay

3. Donate something to a charity shop

Go on - have a clear out and donate some unwanted items to your local charity shop.

4.  Volunteer

In 2012 lots of you volunteered to help at The London Olympics.  Do you still volunteer?  If not why not see what opportunities there are locally.  What about some volunteering with a wildlife project or spending some time with the elderly?

5. Start making Christmas presents

I know,  I am sorry to mention the dreaded C word but why not get organised and start making some presents.  People love receiving home-made preserves and now is an ideal time to make them with your own or local produce readily available.

6.  Search out a new organic, ethical or fair-trade shop

As I mentioned recently supermarkets are not generally very good for the environment or you so why not branch out and see what other shops are available locally.  Even if you don;y have any local "green" shops you could support your local butcher, baker, greengrocer etc and help keep the high street alive.

7.  Sponsor a goat

By giving a family a goat in places such as Africa you help give them a more secure future.  The goat gives milk to help feed the family or can be sold giving cash for other goods, medicines, education etc.  Their droppings help fertilise the land and their kids can either be kept to build up a bigger herd or sold for profit.  Further details can be found at World Vision.

Image from World Vision

What green things have you done this week?  Could you add a new one you have never done before?

A Green and Rosie Life

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