Friday 29 July 2016

Weekly Green Tips - Saving Paper

Week 17 - 7 Ways to Save Paper

I did my recycling earlier this week and the if state of the paper recycling bin in our village was anything to go by yesterday we still get through A LOT of paper.  It was full to overflowing!  Whilst paper can be recycled its quality decreases each time to a point when it can no longer be recycled and so new paper needs to be made to replace it.  Also the energy needed to both produce and recycle paper is a contributor to CO2 production.   It all therefore makes sense to reduce how much paper we all use.

7 ways to save paper

1.  Use both sides of the paper

Most printers now can automatically and easily do double sided printing but even if yours doesn't put the paper back through and print on the other side.  If you have some paperwork you no longer need check to see if the other side is clear and if so use it before you recycle it.  I recently went through the boys' old school books that they no longer need and have saved enough paper to ensure I will probably never have to buy paper again for scrap, lists etc.

2. Say no to junk mail

In France once a week your mail box will be stuffed full of junk mail - however by simply putting a note on the box say "Pas de Publicit√©" this will no longer be delivered.  In the UK you can opt out of unsolicited and unaddressed junk mail via the Royal Mail website.  You can also put a note on your door asking for no free newspapers etc to be delivered. 

Image from My Security Sign

3. Reuse envelopes

Before you bin those envelopes can you reuse them?  You can buy labels to reseal them and cover the existing address or failing that write your next To Do list on the back.   

4.  Think before you print

Do you REALLY need to print something off?  Even if you do can you reduce the number of pages and also print on both sides as already mentioned.  Brittany Ferries tickets come on 2 pages but you don't actually need the second page printed off so just I print the ticket.  And many companies now do e-tickets that you don't need to print off at all.

5.  Use wallpaper offcuts for kid's art projects

Rather than using high grade paper for your children's art projects use offcuts of wallpaper.  If you know a decorator or anyone who is doing some DIY, ask them to save the offcuts for you. 

6. Send e-cards

Now I know we all like to hear from friends and families on birthdays and special occasions but do we actually need to hear from them with a card?  Lots of companies now do e-cards or you can send birthday wishes via social media.

7.  Buy second hand books

I am still one of the old fashioned people who loves reading real books but it doesn't mean I buy new ones all the time.  I swap with friends, use my local library and scour second hand shops for new reads.  Books I have finished with go to any friends who want them or back to charity shops.  And much as I love leafing through a recipe book I am also very happy searching online to find what I am looking for.

These are just a few of the ways you can save paper.  Do you have any more tips and ideas?  Finally, do think about the paper that you do buy and where-ever possible buy recycled, be that notepads, loo roll or printer paper.

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  1. It drives me crazy that people don't print on both sides of the paper. I try to print double sided whenever possible, and I've got a whole page of scrap paper to use. I've got so much of it that I have to remind myself it's better to print single sided on already used paper than to print double sided on new paper! Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop!

  2. HI Rosie,
    I like your tips on how to save paper. I do most of them. I print on both sides of the paper, say no to junk mail - in the US you can sign up to receive no junk mail too which I have done, but you still get some local stuff but it after I went on line and went through the process I definitely did notice a difference in how much junk mail I got. I usually sent e-cards and I use my Nook to read books on. I have bought some use books too. Yes I do think about the paper I buy and try to buy recycled. Visiting from #WasteLessWednesday Shared on Pinterest & twitter.


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