Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Animal Tales 66

Animal Tales is the blog linky that brings together all sorts of animal blog posts from all over the world. It runs from Tuesday morning through to Thursday night and showcases a wide range of animal related posts. 

Don't do that again Moo

We currently have 4 extra dogs staying which has made things a bit crowded at times and ensures feeding time is a bit hectic. 


All was however OK ... until Friday.

On Friday morning one of the dogs spooked Moo.  She ran outside and that was it, she was gone.  We called and called but not a peep.  Late on Friday night I then saw her in the field but she was too scared to come near me and ran off again.  We were heartbroken and despite the fact she has been with us for less than a month we all missed her so much.  And it was raining.  And cold.  

Saturday came and despite calling and calling, nothing.  I went out in the dark again but still no sign.

Then, out of the blue, about 10.30pm as we were watching TV Simon suddenly said he heard a noise and there was Moo, standing up at the front door mewing to be let in.  Honestly, you cannot believe the relief.  She is once again absolutely fine with the dogs, is eating us out of house and home and is even more cuddly (if that is possible) than before.  Moo - Don't do that again! 

My favourites from last week...

Thank you to everyone who joined in last week.  I particularly enjoyed the post by Phoebe from Lou Messugo about the mechanical elephant at Nantes as I have been wanting to see it, myself, for ages.   I also loved the post from Bentley at Our French Oasis with an update on age and other things.

Bentley from Our French Oasis

Over to you now.  Please add your posts below. The posts can be old or new and as varied as the animals who we share our world with. If you tweet with the hashtag #AnimalTales and @greenrosielife I'll retweet you.  Just give me a nudge if I appear to have forgotten you.

Full details of the linky can be found here but can I remind people of a couple of the "rules":

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  1. Hi Rosie, it goes to show that Moo knows which side her bread is buttered! If only animals knew how much we worried about them... Or maybe they do. Looking after four dogs is a juggling act, we have four of our own and feeding time is the funniest as they try to be good, but are so ecstatic they can barely contain themselves.

    I hope that a butterfly counts as a sort of animal.

    Thank you for hosting.


  2. What a relief that Moo came back! Fantastic cartoons too - did you draw them?

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out, I'm so pleased you liked my mechanical animal!

  4. Oh no Moo! You must have been so worried about her, such a relief that she came back safely. I remember when I used to look after our (single at the time) dog and my parents' two. Two dogs is doable but more than that and it gets busy busy...

  5. NB thanks for adding the cat link - not sure what happened last week :)

  6. Poor Moo, glad she is home and safe

  7. I'm so glad Moo came back! x


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