Monday, 21 December 2015

Take 10 piglets and one field ...

Usually by December all our pigs are happily housed indoors their winter quarters to leave the fields to rest and not become mud baths after rain.  Not so this year and on the day before the shortest day of the year we were able to let Coco Chanel and her 10 piglets out into the main field for the afternoon.  Simon and I then spent the next half an hour just watching them.

Who could believe such small rotund creatures could run so fast ...

Or roll so far when they get knocked over by their mates ...

Or look so befuddled when they run into the fencing ... 

Or have so much fun with a turkey feather?

And grass ... wow that tastes soooo good!

If you arrived here looking for Animal Tales it is taking a Christmas break and the next one will be on January 5th.



  1. they should make Pig watching a new sport, i'd be joining in, they look so cute

  2. They are adorable Rosie, A very Merry Christmas to you and the family and I have plenty to share with you on Animal Tales in January

  3. Eek I absolutely love pigs, this post made me squeal with delight they are so so cute. Also the images in my head of them playing with a turkey feather are the best. Merry Christmas! X

  4. What little characters! They are very cute :) Have a great Christmas! #PointShoot x

  5. Love the name of your pig! What little cuties. H saw a British Bulldog the other day and kept calling it a pig. A pig is far cuter :-) #PointShoot

  6. Sounds like Coco Chanel and her piglets had a great time. It really must have been something to watch them as they played around.xx #pointshoot

  7. Awww I now want a piglet! How incredibly cute! Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x


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