Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Animal Tales - 47 (And Happy 1st Birthday)

Yay - Animal Tales is a year old!!! 

It may sound clichéd but I really cannot believe that the linky has been running a year, nor can I believe that so many people have actually linked up.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  All together now....

Some figures

  • Over the last year we there have been 562 linked posts (excluding mine)
  • The average number linked up per week is 12
  • The most linked up in any one week was 24 (Animal Tales 16)
  • The most read posts were Animal Tales 26 and 39.
  • Bloggers who have linked up have come from 13 different countries
  • We have had posts from fleas and mites up to rhinos and elephants with everything in between .... but FAR TOO FEW HIPPO posts.   (You know I really like hippos, don't you?!)

The link up has welcomed new life to the world and bid the saddest of farewells to others.  I have laughed over posts, cried over others and learnt lots from still more.  So onwards to year 2 .... 
Last week, as ever, there was  a lovely mix of posts.  I always find it hard to pick favourites as I love them all but it was a post written by a dog that had me laughing from beginning to end.  If you have not read Evie's Story from Our French Oasis PLEASE go and read it now.  It is long but I am sure, like me, you will not want it to end!

Evie - the dog with a tale to tell via Our French Oasis

Over to you now. Please add your posts below. The posts can be old or new and as varied as the animals who we share our world with. If you tweet with the hashtag #AnimalTales I'll retweet you. Just give me a nudge if I appear to have forgotten you.

Full details of the linky can be found here but can I remind people of a couple of the "rules":
  • Please can you comment on at least 2 other blogs linked up - that is, after all the whole purpose of joining a linky to find and comment on more blogs and hopefully drive traffic back to your blog.
  • Please can you include my badge (preferably) or a link back to this blog.
  • Pinterest - not a rule but for even greater exposure of your blog post please do join the Animal Tales Pinterest board and pin a picture from your linked posts.
  • Can I remind people not to add sponsored posts or paid-for reviews.  Eco-Gites of Lenault has no advertising on it and I am not comfortable promoting products or companies I know nothing about.


  1. Amazing how fast that year has flown. I remember when we were both muttering about starting linkies and you got your act together 3 months before me...Congratulations Animal Tales! You chose a great theme.

    1. Thank you Phoebe and yes, I remember our mutterings!

  2. Hippo Hippo Hooray on the birthday!

  3. Hi Rosie, Happy 1st Birthday and may you have many more! It's the only animal linky I've come across, which is nice.

    Thank you for hosting (and nudging me on Twitter).


    1. And thank you for linking up so often, Debbie. Like you I have not found any other animal linkies so it is nice to be unique.

  4. Congrats on a successful linky for a year. Brilliant x

  5. Nothing to link up this week but happy birthday and here's to another great year of gorgeous animals.x

    1. Thank you, Natalie, and thank you for all the wonderful posts you've linked up.

  6. i'm so going to do you a hippo post for christmas


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