Tuesday, 20 October 2015

No Animal Tales until November 3rd

If you have come to the blog expecting Animal Tales today I am afraid you will have to wait.  I am heading to the UK tomorrow so am manically packing and organising things before I go (which is always loads when you have animals!) and have not got the time to host the linky.  Plus I have very little internet access when I am there so cannot read linked up blogs.  I will still be in the UK next Tuesday, so the next link up will be on Tuesday November 3rd.  Please feel free to link up several posts then if you want to.

In the meantime Simon is in charge of the animals which I hope won't involve midwife duties.  Coco Chanel, one of our pigs, is getting very close to farrowing (giving birth) and I really want to be here when the piglets arrive.  No curries or jogging round the park, for her, whilst I am away then.

Coco back in the summer looking slim (ish!)

In the meantime, if you have not had time to read all the posts from last week, why not head over there now and catch up.  Once again it was a very international link up covering Guadeloupe, Malaysia, Australia, Russia and the UK.  I particularly enjoyed the post from Howard's House because any dog owner is bound to relate to the troubles of selectively deaf dogs! 

Enjoy your animals when I am away and I look forward to extra posts when I get back.  I am off to clean out the turkeys and then finish packing .... 



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