Thursday, 9 July 2015

Seeds you can sow in July

This evening we had dinner from the chickens and veg patch - ratatouille with our own onions, courgettes and aubergines together with new potatoes and a poached duck egg.  There is something immensely satisfying about eating your own produce and if you are keen to start vegetable gardening it is no too late for sowing a variety of vegetables in July for harvesting later in the year.

Seeds you can sow outside in July

Dwarf French beans* – so long as you are quick
Spring cabbage*
Chinese cabbage
Non forcing chicory
Kohl rabi*
Turnips* (late in the month)

There are also plenty of vegetables you can transplant if you can get seedlings.

Seedlings you can transplant in July

Winter cabbages
Kale and Cavolo Nero
Leeks (if you are quick)

If you are lucky enough to have a polytunnel or greenhouse then your choice of even greater

Seeds you can sow in a polytunnel in July

* All the vegetables above that are marked with an asterix can also be sown in the polytunnel along with the following:

Swiss chard
Leaf beet
Pak Choi
Oriental veg such as mizuna, mibuna, komatsuna etc
Lamb's Lettuce

These under cover sowings are really important if you want to see your polytunnel producing fresh veg once the summer tomatoes, peppers and suchlike are but a distant memory. By sowing now, in July, you can ensure fresh veg on into the winter months.  If, however, you are likely to be away you may want to delay most sowings until early August … and if you are away then I suggest asking a friend to come in and water or all your hard work could be lost in the heat.

Remember also that if you live in a mild area where frosts generally start late you have more chance of success with later sowings than if you live further north or in a frost pocket.

If you have no garden don't despair as there is still some things you can sow – the ever popular cress can be grown inside where you can also give sprouting seeds a go and maybe even a couple of lettuces in a pot on a windowsill or a chilli plant on a windowsill.

Have you been sowing seeds recently - have I missed anything from my lists?

Green Rosie Life


  1. Oh my that meal must have tasted amazing Rosie. This is the time of the year that I begin to wish that I had grown fruit and veg, so envious seeing everyone's harvests and dinners.
    How are the piggies doing? Still intact yes? *hopeful face*
    Thanks for joining in again you super trooper - hope you are ok there and not too insanely busy x

  2. Funnily enough I was thinking about what I could still sow for the winter. Fill the gaps in the ground as I harvest. A nice reminder. #HDYGG

  3. that dinner sounds delicious and how rewarding to be eating everything you are growing!

  4. This is just the sort of information I need. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to growing a vegetable garden, although have managed mini ones in the past. I'm trying to clear a little area for veggies in the new garden so keep giving me these tips!!

  5. Such a great feeling eating your own produce isn't it! Great list I think I will start to sow some for the polytunnel in winter.

  6. Great list Rosie - I have cheated though and bought some seedlings for cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli. I'm still sowing lettuce and spring onions as fast as we can eat them - and that meal sounds lovely, you're right it's great to eat what you've grown and oh so tasty x #hdygg

  7. I cleared some space at the allotment yesterday and was wondering what to sow so this is a very useful list. I'm going to sneak some dwarf French beans in, some Kale that I'm going to buy as plug plants and some more lettuces. I wish my lotty committee allowed a polytunnel and my garden is too small for one. I must make ratatouille soon!

  8. I can't wait to get back to the UK now and start my own veg garden, I didn't have any luck with my tomato plants in Dubai and I'm reluctant to invest any money in gardening projects when we tend to move every 2 years

  9. I have some cauliflower seedlings I must transplant this week. I'm growing them for the school gardening club and it's the first time I have tried them so I don't really knownwhat to do with them!

  10. Thanks for the great information. I have planted dwarf sunflower seeds some in pots and some in the ground among my other flowers. I love sunflowers but don't like the large ones because they fall over and take too much room up. I'm hoping to dry the seeds to eat once they bloom. Right now I think all 20 seeds I planted are growing great. Thanks for sharing your valuable information. Visiting from #GoingGreenLinky. Have a healthy, happy & green day! Shared on twitter & pinned.

  11. Thank you for the inspiration! I will have a couple of spaces soon in my balcony troughs once the shallots and garlic are harvested. I think I will get some beetroot in there.


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