Monday, 6 July 2015

6 months of Harry at Eco-Gites of Lenault

We have now had Harry 6 months and it is like he has always been here.  He will never replace Poppy but he has certainly made his mark and is so different in character to his, still much missed, predecessor.  So, I thought for Animal Tales this week I would give you a pictorial record to celebrate Harry's 6 months at Eco-Gites of Lenault.

The day he arrived home
Saari was originally not too pleased to share her bed with him

But she did soften to him in time! ...

... and loves playing rough and tumble with him!
Here she is (behind the gate) teaching him how to jump.  Thanks Saari - NOT!!
He wasn't too keen on a visiting dog - so hid on the windows sill!

Nor does he like thunder when he hides under the desk!

Cool Dude

So what do you think - is Harry happy with his forever home after being abandoned twice before?

For more tales of animal head on over to the Animal Tales blog linky - opens July 7th.


  1. What a beautiful black Lab! He's lovely! Give him a cuddle from me!

  2. Looks like he's found the perfect forever home and a mischievous but loving companion.

  3. Lovely puppie labra, best regard from Belgium

  4. He looks like a wonderful companion to have. I'd love to have another dog.

  5. How sad that Harry has not found the right home until now. He certainly does look happy #AnimalTales

  6. Wow; how quickly has that six months flown by?! Harry is definitely settled in and with Saari's eventual approval - I just love photo 3 :)

    Stella sends nosekisses xox

  7. Oh he's gorgeous, I'm so glad he's settled in well and become a part of family life. Three cheers for Harry! X

  8. so lovely to see the two dogs get on well and so quickly