Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Animal Tales - 24

Welcome to Animal Tales, the blog linky that brings together all sorts of animal blog posts from all over the world.  It runs from Tuesday morning thought to Friday night and showcases a wide range of animal related posts. 

Animal updates from Eco-Gites of Lenault

I have to report some sad duckling news this week which I blogged about yesterday. You may want a tissue when reading.

In happier news, I am thinking about renaming Toggle, one of the piglets .... Houdini.  A few days ago Ben came rushing in to say the piglets had escaped.  I already knew that their time in their pen was limited as they fencing is not particularly strong and they are getting really big now.  Toggle, in his insatiable quest for something more to eat, had managed to push up the fencing, break it a bit and wriggle underneath (and Ginger followed!).  Ho hum, no worries as they were due to move anyway.  One bucket, 2 gates open and less than a minute later they were happily settled into their summer quarters ... with added grass to keep Toggle's tummy happy.

Fast forward to yesterday and as Tom and I came back from a dog walk were were met at the back gate by .... Toggle!  Once again he had found a weak point in the fencing and wriggled underneath.  Temporary repairs were made and as I type this on Monday morning Toggle has, as yet, (fingers crossed and all that) not escaped!  I suspect this will not be his last escape attempt though.

Toggle (left) and Ginger ... or is he really Houdini?

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There were so many interesting Animal Tales last week I have spent ages trying to pick favourites.  Do go over and have a read of you have not already.  I particularly enjoyed Boo and Maddies trip to Spitalfields City Farm where they watched The Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race as well as Mama Owl's close encounter with some Australian wildlife.  I almost love Koalas as much as hippos .. almost!

So over to you now.  Feel free to come and add your animal related posts to the linky below.  The posts can be old or new and as varied as the animals who we share our world with. If you tweet with the hashtag #AnimalTales I'll retweet you.  Just give me a nudge if I appear to have forgotten you.

Full details of the linky can be found here but can I remind people of a couple of the "rules":

  • Please can you comment on at least 2 other blogs linked up - that is, after all the whole purpose of joining a linky to find and comment on more blogs and hopefully drive traffic back to your blog.
  • Please can you include my badge (preferably) or a link back to this blog.
  • Can I remind people not to add sponsored posts or paid-for reviews.  Eco-Gites of Lenault has no advertising on it and I am not comfortable promoting products or companies I know nothing about.


  1. Surprise...I'm back after many months of animal free life!

  2. They are so cute! What breed of pig is it? It is pot belly? (says me who is def. not some pig expert, but I just thought the squinty eyes were recognizable! lol)

  3. I'm sorry about the duckling! 😥
    Those pigs are gorgeous though!

  4. Those snouts were meant for rutting!

  5. I wonder if Houdini will continue his escapades. He's a smart little guy. It's sad the duckling didn't make it, I don't think I want to read that one though. Thanks for hosting.

  6. i saw a tweet this morning that someone had found 2 pigs in the uk and was asking if anyone would come and claim them

  7. Aww those are so cute. Love piggies x


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