Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spring in an Exmoor Garden

My last visit to Exmoor and my Mum’s was back in October as her garden was starting to close down for the end of the year.  Now, 6 months on, there are plenty of signs that spring is here and summer is on her way.

The daffodils under the beech trees are still in bloom but beginning to look a little tired and will soon be little more that a memory.  However the vibrant Forsythia continues to throw yellow into the garden.

Other spring flowers are still flowering well including these muscari and primulas next to a low wall. 

And what about these plants just awakening from their winter hibernation – something I don’ recognise and some ferns.  I just love the way the ferns unfurl.

There is also loads of this little succulent (a sedum I think) growing out of this same wall.  I love its colour.

And for something completely different this grass gives some wonderful height and structure to this part of the garden.

However with the boys it is the space they love so much at Mum’s.  We may have more space at Eco-Gites of Lenault but most if it is also filled with pigs, a goat or sheep that do not make good Frisbee throwing companions.  So free from animals (including Harry our Labrador who likes to “kill” frisbees) in their spare time this week frisbee throwing has taken priority.  It’s not a bad view either is it?

Linking in with Annie’s How Does Your Garden Grow and planning to comment on other blogs when I get back to France and a better internet connection.

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  1. Not a bad view at all! Love the fern and how curly they are. Little details thats fun to see =) #hdygg

  2. your mum's garden look beautiful,w hat an amazing view of Exmoor. We love camping in Doone Valley and have a major soft spot for Exmoor! #hdygg

  3. What a smashing view! I can see where you get your love of gardens from. Are you enjoying your time over here? The weather has certainly been kind to you.

    I'm loving the succulent in the wall especially, my weakness I know. Those unknown ones have a touch of artichoke about them - naturally I haven't a clue what they are though.

    Thanks for joining in again Rosie - so lovely of you to make the effort - I know it's not easy when you aren't home! x

  4. Wow - gorgeous view and gorgeous garden. My favourite thing about ferns is the unfolding curls in spring!

  5. Well there's lots of different shapes, textures and colours there, fascinating! Hope you had a great time x

  6. Oh your on hols hope you had a great time, ferns already how lovely

  7. love the grasses, they act like little borders/screens to break up the garden

  8. I love the colours of Spring and the weather we're having at the moment (rain-sun-rain-sun...) has been perfect for making everything come alive. I'm loving the wildflowers out at the moment and will hate to see them go when the local councils get the cutters out to keep the roads clear.

  9. Looks a great trip and isn't that forsythia against the blue sky the best thing? I'm noticing more this year how spring is colour coded, white of the snow drops, yellows of the daffs and forsythia and now the blue of the bluebells. #hdygg


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