Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Animal Tales - 16

Posted by Rosie

Welcome to Animal Tales, the blog linky that brings together all sorts of animal blog posts from all over the world.  It runs from Tuesday morning thought to Friday night and showcases a wide range of animal related posts.  

Last week we had posts from the UK, France, the Philippines, USA, Australia, Russia and Greece.  Dogs took centre place with 13 posts, followed by birds with 3, cats with 2 and a hamster, stuffed animals in a museum and butterflies with 1 each.  Such a lovely mix and I am wondering what we will get this week.

Cautious duck update

After Hettie decided motherhood was not for her and abandoned her eggs, one of the other ducks has now laid one egg to date. Fingers crossed who-ever it is will lay more and sit for the required  35 days.  My neighbour already has ducklings and I am keep to have some here.  Gite guests love those little bundles of yellow fluff ... and so do I!

Feel free to come and add your animal related posts to the linky below.  The posts can be old or new and as varied as the animals who we share our world with.  There's a Pinterest Board with pictures from all the linked blogs which you can see here and if you tweet with the hashtag #AnimalTales I'll retweet you.  Just give me a nudge if I appear to have forgotten you.

Full details of the linky can be found here and once again can I remind people to comment on a few of the others who link up.  It's only polite and keeps the thing working!