Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Sunny March Sunday

Posted by Rosie

Sometimes a day just sneaks up on you, all unexpected and you can do nothing but embrace it.
Sunday was just such a day.
Early March sunshine isn't normally this warm so we took advantage:

I got 2 loads of washing on the line:

We played a board game in the garden (Labyrinth, which I do recommend and it comes in various  levels for different age and abilities) whilst eating cakes and drinking tea.

I put the seed trays out in the sun the tomato seedlings loved the warmth.

We took ourselves, Harry, Saari and 2 visiting dogs for a lovely long walk ... without the need for coats!  In fact I was down to a T-shirt.

And it seems it wasn't just us who enjoyed this unseasonably warm weather - Ginger was one happy piglet catching a few rays.

How was your weekend?  Was it full of spring warmth or has that yet to reach you ... or perhaps you are from the other side of the world and watching for signs of Autumn?



  1. We had some lovely sunshine here at the weekend as well. Since we went out it means I still haven't planted any seeds yet!

    1. Well I hope you had a lovely day and the seeds will wait. It is still very early and we could have bad weather again.

  2. That's the happiest piglet I've ever seen! :)

    1. Isn't he just?! We might have to check he doesn't get sunburnt if we get a hot summer though.

  3. The best weather we had was Saturday Sunday too so we went out! And like you we just enjoyed the sun and I am so glad we did cuz today its soaking. #pointshoot


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