Friday, 6 March 2015

365 days - 365 posts

Posted by Rosie

A year ago I set myself a challenge.  A challenge to blog more.  More than what?  Well more than the rather sporadic blogging that had been the case beforehand.  What it turned out to be was a blog a day for a year.  365 days - 365 posts.

It's been great fun and I have found that I have lots I want to write about ... some of which people also want to read about which makes it all the more worthwhile!  So what else can I tell you this year of blogging?

1.  Our life here in Normandy, France has given me plenty of inspiration for posts. If you look in the right hand column at the blog labels you'll see what the more common subjects have been.  Not unsurprisingly perhaps Food/Foraging, France/Life in France, Livestock/Pets and Seasons/Weather (well I am British) have been my top subjects.

2.  Many of my blogs get formulated in my head whilst driving or walking the dogs and as I am a regular taxi service to the boys and walk the dogs most days I do have plenty of time to get things sorted in my head.

3.  Finding out I could schedule blogs was a great discovery enabling me to continue posting even when I was away in the depths of Exmoor with limited Internet access. 

4.  I almost missed a few days managing to just hit the publish button very late in the evening, not least when our modem went pop.  Luckily I had scheduled a post for the next day and we were able to get a replacement livebox the day after.

5.  I have linked to all sorts of blog linkies through which I have discovered many other lovely blogs written by lovely people.  I feel I have travelled the world without ever leaving France, I have cooked some delicious foods I have discovered on blogs and I have ...

6.  ... met some bloggers "for real", namely Phoebe from Lou Messugo and Annie from Mammasuarus.

7.  I have not missed a single Silent Sunday or How Does Your Garden Grow linky.

8.  Through blogging, the gite has been featured as both "Sustainable Blog of the Week" in The Guardian and as "Property of the Month" with Brittany Ferries.  

9.  I have started my own linky - #AnimalTales and discovered (much to my annoyance) that when I type too fast this is what I get: ~ANimalTales.

10.  I am a terrible typist and can never see my own spelling mistakes.

If you are discovering this blog for the first time today, then welcome and I hope you enjoy it.  If you are a regular visitor then I say thank you. Thank you reading and thank you for commenting.  And if you have been inspired to want to come and visit Eco-Gites of Lenault then please do get in touch.  I know many of you have school age children and in that case out next free week in English school holidays is Christmas.  If you are in Scotland, Ireland or Europe who break up earlier then we do still have 2 weeks in July and for those of you with pre-schoolers, no children or from other parts of the world with different holidays, then we have low and mid season dates available for you.  Very soon we will also be releasing prices and dates for 2016.

Once again I say thank you - it's been  a great year and here's looking forwards to the next 365 days ... 
The List


  1. Tis true - we met! Thanks for the shout out. I'm so impressed with a post-a-day! There's no way I could do that, well done! This is what happens when I type fast "ALlAboutfrance!

    1. All too brief a meeting though! One day I'll make it down to Provence!
      (Glad it's not just me who does the 2nd letter in capitals - so annoying.)

  2. Well done! Mummy is trying to write a post a day, it's finding the time with me, and our new pup to look after (as well as big bro and sisters!) Your place looks so gorgeous! X x

    1. Thank you Ickle Pickle and wish Mummy luck with her daily writing.

  3. It's admirable that you blogged every day for a whole year! It just goes on to show your dedication, and I'm sure it's made you a terrific blogger :)

    1. Thank you - not sure about being a terrific blogger but I have enjoyed it.

  4. What an awesome year!! I tried to blog every day last year and while I didn't manage to every day, I certainly learnt a lot (which I blogged about of course) - you've had some great achievements, I think it definitely pays to blog regularly :)

    thanks for linking up to #Thelist, I feel honoured to have you join us! hxxx


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