Saturday, 21 February 2015

Update on my Home Alone Week

Posted by Rosie

So, I am nearing the end of my home alone week (actually it was 10 days) so I suppose I ought to see how I got on with my "Home Alone for a week [10 days] List".

1. Grand spring clean of the house

I started well then other things got in the way* but if I am OK tomorrow I should be able to tackle the last bedroom and give the kitchen a quick once over.  Very quick!

Clean and tidy front room

2.  Sort the dreaded food cupboard

Oops - foodie explorations will have to wait for another day unless I feel totally inspired on Sunday.

3.  Gardening

Dealing with seed stealing mice was discussed at length with a friend and strategies have been set out.  An old fridge, traps and storage boxes will all feature in the war against mice.  In other news I did get some gardening done but other stuff* got in the way of more!

4.  Make some pickle and jam

Another fail here but this might be a more appealing option than clearing the food cupboard ... or in fact I could combine the two on Sunday.

5.  Investigate using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck

Fail but I did make use of Twuffer this week. (that's a way of scheduling tweets for you non twittery readers).

6.  Sort the gite toys and games

I did some but have more to do.

7.  Get some extra blogs written

I've got a few notes and ideas down so that counts as a start.

8. De-clutter my bookmarks

Yes .... well some of them anyway ;)

9.  Make a date and walnut cake

Nope but I did make oat cookies and meringues.

10.  Catch up with friends

Yes which partly explains why I got behind on other things on this list.  

* So what were the other things that got in the way?

1.  Gite Booking

We got a late booking in the gite so that needed preparing, ironing needed doing and the outside garden area cleared up AS THE BOYS HAD FAILED TO DO THIS BEFORE THEY WENT SKIING.  Yes,  I was a little miffed about the latter ...did you notice?

2.  Hospital trip

No not for me but I needed to help translate for a friend who needs a big operation and the whole thing took rather a long time.  

3.  Trip to the osteopath

Yes this one was for me and my back was a right mess.  That sort of put paid to gardening for a while.

4.  Extra dogs and animals to feed

I had forgotten when I wrote the post that I would be dog sitting a friend's dogs for half the week and also feeding her animals. That all took extra time.

All in all though I reckon that counts as a three quarters success rate.  The days have certainly flown by and it'll be good to have the boys and Simon back on Sunday .... although it may possibly be messier!  And anyway - I didn't want to spend ALL my time cleaning did I? ...


  1. I could easily fill a week (or month) of all the house things I need to do if I had a home alone week too! Having said that I'd probably get waylaid with reading a good book and generally faffing.

    1. LOL - I *may* have got a little waylaid online a few times ;)

  2. What would we do without a list....even a list of why we didn't!

    1. LOve lists - my world would fall apart without them!


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