Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Snapshot of a January Day

Posted by Rosie

I've not done a snapshot of a day for a while so here we go with a little insight into life at Eco-Gites of Lenault in January.

Outside my window - It's snowing!  I can't actually see as it is still dark but the dogs came in white which was a bit if a clue.

I am thinking - I know there won't be a school bus and will school be open?  What will the roads be like?  Will the teachers be in?  Simon says he'll drive the boys to school but they don't want to go, obviously.  I have rung up but no-one seems to know if their teachers are in.  And as it is Wednesday today they finish at noon anyway.

UPDATE - Simon is heading off now having downgraded Ben's depth from several cms to a light covering!

From my kitchen - I can see a huge vat of stock I made from 2 turkey carcasses.  I needed to remove them from the freezer to get the 2 lambs and 3 final ducks in and now I have to jiggle in rather a lot of pots of stock or make and eat a lot of soup.

I am wearing -  My standard "uniform" - old jeans, a sweatshirt and 2 pairs of socks as I really do not like having cold feet. 

I am going - nowhere at the moment but will have to go to Condé-sur-Noireau to collect the boys at midday.  Oh and go out and feed the animals as soon as it gets light. I wonder what the piglets will think of snow?

I am reading - Spiderwick, a kids book.  In my defence it is in French. 

I am hearing - One of the dogs snoring and the cat hammering at the door to be let in. Why can't he just meow? (He appears not to like snow)

Around the house - it's still messy ... the "lived in" look ;) 

One of my favourite things is - my camera.  Actually it's Simon's old camera but I love it all the same and this year I really want to get to grips with all it's buttons and twiddly bits. If I've got a camera where I can alter the ISO number, change the aperture and have different shutter speeds then I am daft not knowing how to use these. 

And here is my picture for thought - this is Tom and Ben 7 years ago taken in our first January here. I wonder what will they look like in 7 years time?

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