Thursday, 1 January 2015

Garden plans for 2015

Posted by Rosie

At the start of the New Year it is traditional to make Resolutions for the year ahead but long ago I realised these were a waste of time - I invariably weighed the same at the end of the year as I did at the start, the washing still reached mountain-sized proportions before I finally put it away and I never did start that course on how to speak perfect French in 6 weeks.

However I have found that putting my lists in the public domain does ensure I get more done than if I just leave a paper list on my desk ... remember my December Gardening List?  Well I may not have got everything done (Christmas and inclement weather rather got in the way) but I reckon I did more than had I not published the list.  So, following on from there here are my garden plans for 2015:

Source and plant a Quince tree

I love quince jelly so this seems a natural addition to our orchard,

Sort the fruit trees in our small orchard

They really do need a good mulch and prune

Grow something totally new in the polytunnel

Any ideas what it should be?  In 2014 I grew peanuts with, how shall we say, limited success, but I need something new for 2015.

Keep on top of weeding

This may be rather like saying I'll lose weight or suchlike but now it's written down you have my full permission to chastise me if, later on in the year, I am moaning about the triffidness of the weeds.

Grow more beans for drying

We love cooked beans and now that I have found the dried beans that the mice stashed away I have  good supply of saved beans, plus some from a friend so I should be able to grow more of our own beans in 2015.

Make a paved area in front of PT

Each summer this becomes a dump for plants that don't need to be in the polytunnel and then the grass grows up where I can't cut or strim it.  So I reckon if I pave a small area I will have solved this messy issue.

Area in need of paving

Plant more fruit bushes

I have space in my soft fruit area but what should I grow?  I need a replacement jostaberry for the one that died last year but what else could I grow?  I already have gooseberries, tayberries, loganberries, raspberries, red, white and blackcurrants and an extremely spiky worcesterberry.

Grow more cauliflowers!

Last year for possibly the first time I managed to grow cauliflowers that were actually big enough to bother harvesting and numbered more than one!  Will 2015 see even better results?

An Eco-Gites of Lenault Cauliflower!

So that's it - I may add things as I think of them but here's welcoming in 2015 with good intentions for our veg and fruit growing.

I wonder if anyone else has garden plans - you could always pop over to Annie's How Does Your Garden Grow linky and have a look at other gardening blogs.

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  1. Morning & HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love the paved area you are planning around your PT, may be pilfering that idea ;) And you have also inspired me to order a quince! Not sure why we haven't already got one here as our old orchard is hundreds of years old (I'm pretty sure 2 of our cooking apples trees are grafted onto quince, so I wonder why no quince on their own?)
    Anyway, here's to a productive and fruitful (ha!) 2015!
    Janie x

  2. happy new year!! can't wait to see how your garden will grow in this new year of 2015

  3. Happy New Year Rosie! Loving the quince tree plans, indeed all of your plans - and the fact that you have plans.I really need to get my bottom into gear and take inspiration from you and make at least 1 plan!
    That area will look lovely paved but tell me, are you secretly the bionic woman?
    Thank you for joining in again, as ever I am in awe of your skillz x

  4. I still haven't worked out what to grow this year but I know I must start earlier this year! I made some quince jelly earlier in the year and it is delicious. Just need to find more land here!

  5. Happy New Year! Oh I do love a good list! I'll be making one of those for our garden & allotment over the next few days and you're right, telling people about your plans does make you more likely to take action. I too want to expand on fruit and am thinking about planting blueberries, maybe one to add to your collection? If you like them of course!

  6. I never make new year resolutions either, just feels like I am setting myself up to fail. I often have plans and hopes though.
    How about trying melons or tomatillo in the PT, I have never tried growing them but it might be fun

  7. Happy New Year! I love reading plans for growing, gets me thinking about I want to try this year too. I really want to focus on different types of pumpkins and squash.I'd love a quince too. Can't wait to see how you get on.