Friday, 19 December 2014

Word of the Week - Panic

Posted by Rosie

The Reading Residence




sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety.

You'd think by this stage in my life that I would know that Christmas falls on December 25th EVERY year.  It's not like Easter.  It does not change.  So why oh why does it always sneak up on me and I reach this late stage and suddenly realise I don't have the extra week I thought I have and panic sets in?

I have written a list to try and get organised but that has just caused more panic when I realised what I still have to do.  I am writing this blog a couple of days before actually posting it and so far all I have done is write cards ... which I had forgotten to even add to the list.  By the time you are reading this I hope I shall have posted them, decided what we are going to eat and written another list for shopping, which I shall do on Saturday when Ben is at rugby.  I should have stocked up on animal food on Thursday as well as visited a friend whose animals I am looking after over Christmas and maybe even wrapped some presents.  Final house cleaning should be done at some point (not actually sure when) and we'll decorate the tree on Sunday .... after ...

... you may want to bypass the next part if you are vegetarian ...

I have slaughtered and plucked the turkeys!  (I bet that's not on your list!)

Right, are you back with us?

So that leaves decorating the gite, logs and kindling in, icing the cake, making stollen and fudge and ... and ... and ... and .... so you can see why I am panicking a bit.

However on the plus side I do have wine in for mulling and at least I have done the present shopping!

Ho hum. Are you ready for Christmas then?  With luck we might get to this stage in time:


  1. Slaughtering and plucking of turkeys made me remember of home! We dont have pabo (turkey) at home but we do kill our ownchicken before and it makes teh dish more special when you are the one who does every aspect of the cooking.

    I am panicking already now too. So many things to do so little time!


  2. Don't worry, you still have time :) I'm sure you'll get things done before Christmas. I'm loving your tree. #wotw.

    1. Yup - I got there although I never made the stollen or the fudge (which my waistband is possibly quite relieved about!)

  3. Erm, you have me panicking for you now! That is a long list, though you did make me laugh with your opener, as yes, it's always now, shouldn't be a surprise! I do hope you manage to get it all done so that you can relax and enjoy the festivities. Thanks for sharing with #WotW (especially when you clearly have little free time to do so!) and I hope you and yours have a lovely time x

    1. We had a lovely Christmas, despite the panic, Jocelyn.

  4. Oh I know exactly what you mean! It really has come along too quickly. I've realised today I have no cards written so really do need to get on! I hope you have a lovely Christmas x #WotW

    1. And now it all just seems a distant memory!

  5. I'm sure you will manage to get everything done!
    I totally forgot to write cards.....Oh well! lol
    Have a wonderful Christmas & all the best for 2015 x

    1. Cards! I just managed to send 4 to aged relatives!


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