Friday, 12 December 2014

Our peanut harvest

Posted by Rosie

Back in May I bought myself a new plant to try in the polytunnel - a peanut.  I had never grown one before and as I like to try something new each year this looked like a good choice ... and it was only a couple of euros so would be no great loss if it died in the first week!

Peanut Plant

I can now reveal that we have harvested the peanuts and are busy planning what to do with them.

  • Shall we make a batch of peanut butter?
  • A satay sauce might be tasty
  • Personally I like peanut cookies.


On second thoughts we may have to put all these recipes on hold as the entire peanut harvest amounted to this ....

Peanut harvest at Eco-Gites of Lenault - 2014

I can't eat raw peanuts as even one will give me sinusitis (cooked are fine) but Simon and Tom had a taste.  Simon said they were OK but Tom didn't like them, although I don't think he has ever had the raw before so they were probably not what he was expecting.

Am I disappointed with my peanut harvest?  No, I am actually impressed that in Normandy I have managed to crop at least some nuts.  But do you know where on the plant peanuts grow?  It may not be where you expect!