Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October in Normandy

Posted by Rosie

Bonjour octobre !
 Hello October!

Good grief, it's October 1st.  How did that happen?  After all, here in Normandy we still have daytime temperatures in the early twenties and we have not had any rain for over a month.  However the mornings certainly do belong to Autumn:

Autumn cobweb at Eco-Gites of Lenault

So what what might October offer us?  Weather-wise, who knows!  We have had hot beach days up to the second Sunday of the month and we have had frosts before the month starts.  Sometimes it's calm and sometimes it's windy!  

October on a Normandy beach

However we know we can offer you autumn colours, pumpkins, conkers, Halloween fungi and all sorts of festivals.

Here then are a selection of pictures taken over the 7 Octobers we have lived at Eco-Gites of Lenault:


Would you eat a mushroom called The Trumpet of Death?

Playing conkers!

October sunset

October fungi

Normandy also has a large number of events throughout October on a wonderfully wide range of subjects including festivals on:

Shrimps, apples, fungi, soup, gastronomy in general, autumn plants and  the Battle for Normandy in 1944. 
Quite a variety of subjects then and there are more details here.

Have we tempted you to come and visit Normandy in October?  If yes, we have some availability and would love to welcome you here at this beautiful time of year.  Our available dates are up to Oct 12th and then Oct 23rd - 29th.

Please do visit our website or drop us an email for further details and prices.

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  1. Nice beach scene in October! I suppose it's not too different from Spain in October. A few years ago we visited my in-laws during the UK October half term and the weather was gorgeous! I also now know about conkers - my husband showed me how to play before I even moved to England. We were in a tiny village in the Czech Republic playing conkers (me not very well!) with my British boyfriend at the time, now my husband, getting all excited about teaching me. Now he plays with our half British half American children. Enjoy October! Hopping over from Amanda's blog link up #expatlife

    1. LOL - I never thought of playing conkers as being so English!

    2. Conkers couldn't be more British - my Dutchie had never heard of playing conkers. As a child he collected them and that was about it - the idea of a string through and hitting each other's conkers was completely alien! :-)

  2. Looks fabulous - and no, I think I'll steer clear of mushrooms called Trumpet of Death - lol! Love the idea of being able to sit on a beach in October as if it's the middle of summer! Thanks for linking up :-)


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