Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Winter Weather Prediction - French Style

Posted by Rosie

Last Autumn I predicted that we would have a pretty mild, snow-free winter which turned out to be right ... I just missed out about all the rain we had!  So what of this coming winter?  I have been saying for a while that we may be in for a cold one but whether that means snow as well, I am not sure.

Anyway I was chatting to one of the local farmers earlier and as with all farmers, the topic soon turned to the weather.  I asked if he had any predictions for this winter and he shrugged his shoulders with typical Gallic charm and said no ... but then went on to say that "Les Anciens" say that if the blackberry runners grow long then the winter will be cold.

Errrm - I think I might go and check my thermals ...

The veg garden gate is disappearing beneath the blackberry runners:

These blackberry runners have grown in a few weeks since Simon strimmed the hedge at the bottom of the vegetable garden:

This is my rather overgrown fruit garden and that long plant growing up towards the sky is ... yes, you guessed it - a blackberry runner!

Do you have any feelings about what you think this winter is going to be like.  Or do you know any weather sayings that might help us to make a guess?

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  1. Ooh, I'm going to get my gloves and scarves ready! Brrr....


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