Wednesday 25 June 2014

To be a Fisher King

Posted by Rosie

A poem inspired by the sighting of two Kingfishers, many years apart.  

To be a Fisher King

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It was cool down there by the stream,
just me, my thoughts, my dream:
My dream to be a Fisher King.

The river: my kingdom from West to East.
The trees: my castle on the bank.
Every day the fish for my feast.

FLASH.  Silent he came, silent he went,
unseen by so many but seen by me:
The Fisher King.

A memory crept into my head, like a song,
a flash from the past.
A different day, a place far away, a King long gone.

This King was still and would sleep for ever,
taken by Jack Frost in the depths of the cold.
To be a King again, never.

It was cool down there by the stream,
just me, my thoughts, my dream.
My dream to be a Fisher King
as distant as the two kings I'd seen. 

Rosie Hill

Prose for Thought


  1. Oh lovely! I like the two sightings spanning many years, death to life and back again. Beautifully written.

    1. Thank you Judith - it is always such a pleasure to see a Kingfisher.

  2. Oh this is a lovely poem. I could really see the images in my mind. x

  3. Nice poem and nice imagery particularly the verse about Jack frost.

  4. Thank you Suzy - your comment is appreciated beaucoup!

  5. A lovely poem of one of my favourite birds. I might link a post about them next week.

  6. The Mother says - This is beautiful. hose words are stunning. I've only ever seen one Kingfisher in the wild. It flew past me and was literally a streak of blue. Beautiful post #animaltales

  7. Lovely poem! Kingfishers are just such a beautiful bird xx #animaltales

  8. It's rapidly becoming a mild obsession of mine to see a kingfisher. Definitely worth writing a poem over!


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