Friday, 7 March 2014

The Reluctant Chef

Posted by Rosie

As regular readers to the blog may realise, Ben enjoys a bit of cooking - he's a dab hand at cakes, gingerbread men and flipping pancakes all I which I have blogged about before. Tom however is a very different kettle of fish.  Mention cooking and he's gone in a flash.  "It'll be boring," he moans.  However as a mother I feel it is my duty to equip BOTH boys with the ability to cook a few dishes so that the day they finally fly the nest they will not be limited to take-aways and pot noodles.

On Tuesday then I dragged (metaphorically speaking) Tom into the kitchen and decided it was high time he learnt to cook something.  That something was mince as I reckoned that once he could cook mince he would have a fair array of menu options at his fingertips - lasagne, spag bol, shepherd's pie, mince over baked potatoes and the meal we were having on Tuesday - chilli.  Actually as it was pancake day we werre having chilli pancakes and Tom was cooking the mince.

How did he do then?

Ingredients were gathered

Careful knife skills were practised

Mince was browned

Looking good!

Chef Tom with his very own chilli pancakes

Yup - I think my reluctant cook did OK.  In fact I know he did OK.  The chilli was lovely and I know he enjoyed cooking it because he has already asked when I can next help him cook again.  Lasagne this time he says.  And Ben is doing pudding.  

Linking up once again with Corinne over at Motherhood Journeys and her new Cooking with Kids Linky.  Come and join in if you have been cooking with your kids this week.


  1. He did brilliantly! I also think it's really important to teach my boys to cook, I think as mothers we love to feed our children and cook them nice meals, food is love. However, it's important they learn those skills themselves so that they can cook when they leave home, those skills don't magically happen. I try and get all of mine cooking as soon as they're old enough and I tell my eldest it'll help him pull girls at university if he can cook them a meal! Thanks for linking up. Corinne x

  2. Yup - agree with all that! Tom did make the lasagne and made a perfect lump-free white sauce. Long may his desire to cook continue.