Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ski 2014 - Les Deux Alpes

I took the boys to Les Deux Alpes for our annual ski holiday and we had a great week, without any major mishaps.  One of the reasons, apart we all liked Les Deux Alpes, was that the boys wanted to go back on the Ice Gliders (Les Deux Alpes 2011)

After last years end to the holiday (La Tania 2013) we were all a little concerned about how Ben would be going back skiing. So we went down to the Alps to get a day of skiing in before the boys lessons started. We hit the slopes and within seconds two boys were flying off down the piste.  As for concerns - well it was around the point when Ben says let's do this jump, let's go down here, let's go off piste that I thought to myself what was I meant to be concerned about?

So apart from Ben losing his ski pass on the first day the only major break we had was the corkscrew in the apartment snapping - what a disaster!  The weather was sun all week, apart from the final day.  The snow was good, although the lower slopes were a little slushy in the afternoon.  We all had lessons.  Mine were mostly off-piste which I thoroughly enjoyed, with a good group of like minded skiers.  Tom passed his gold badge but unfortunately Ben did not pass his bronze, but the important thing was he had a good week skiing.

And for Tom suddenly things clicked for him on the last day. Body in correct position, facing down hill, parallel. He really looked good - I was over the moon. He still needs to have more up and down motion (as does his father) but it was a great overnight improvement.

The boys missed the Ice Gliders as they had problems with the batteries holding the charge, which was a shame.  Otherwise we had a successful week - well apart from the corkscrew!

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