Friday, 21 February 2014

Well that was easier than I thought it would be!

Posted by Rosie

Why a picture of shoes you may ask?  Well read on to find out What's the Story!

Right at the end of January I had to buy Ben some more school shoes.  His last pair had sprung a leak!  We headed of to the shop where we normally get them and walked through the doors, Ben all excited about the thought of new footwear and me slightly anxious about finding a pair we both liked and at a suitable price!  There was a sale on (good) but there were not many pairs Ben liked (bad) or that I thought was suitable (bad).  Eventually as my patience was wearing a bit thin, which in fairness doesn't take long when I am shoe shopping, Ben found a pair we both liked AND that were in the sale - 50% off!  At the time I did think they were maybe a bit flimsy and when we got home I realised they weren't in fact leather but hey ho - they looked good and I thought they would be fine.


Less than 3 weeks later the insole had completely worn away and the metal plate in the sole had bent up making them unwearable.  They would have to go back.  This is France though where taking things back is not that easy.  No receipt - No return. More than so many days old - No return.  Bought in a sale ... well, you can see where this is heading.  

My track record on returning goods hasn't been that good either.  Not long after we moved over we needed to complete de-flea the house and I bought a room fumigating product.  The problem was I bought 2 large ones when in fact I needed 1 large and 2 small.  So I went back to the vet where I had bought them (receipt in hand) and asked if I could swap 1 large for 2 small.  Now the 2 small were the same price as one large so I really could not see how this could possibly be a problem.


The receptionist didn't know what to do so she called the vet and he very bluntly said that he couldn't do the swap as I had bought the product in June (the very end of I hasten to add) and it was now July (the early part of!).  At that time my French wasn't up to arguing my case so I turned, flounced out saying in English exactly what I thought of him.  I reckon he will have understood what I said.  

There was also the DVD I bought for Ben at Christmas which was all scratched and wouldn't play.  When I took that back the woman made me feel that I was at fault.  However I stood my ground and handed over the receipt when she asked.  "Ah mais non!" she exclaimed (I am sure with a hint of pleasure in her voice) ..."but you bought this in November and now it is January!"  I looked her straight in the face and said "Yes - but it was a Christmas present and one can hardly be expected to open a gift before giving it in case it might be damaged can one?!" I continued to stand my ground.  She huffed and phoned her supervisor.  After rather a lot of discussion about dates and packaging she put the phone down and very reluctantly gave me a credit note for the damaged DVD.  For the life of me I cannot understand her problem.  The money is surely not deducted from her wages, it is no  loss for her and surely she wouldn't expect to pay for similarly damaged goods?

Back to the shoes and you can see why I was a bit nervous.  We were in a new month and I had bought them in the sale.  BUT, luck was slightly on my side in that I found the receipt and I still had the box.  I showed the shoes and receipt to the cashier and she immediately called her supervisor.  She looked at the shoes and the receipt and I could see her put on her "No Way Am I Giving A Refund For this Face".  I calmly pointed to the damaged inner and all at once her face softened.  She explained to the cashier how to ring up the refund (a credit note, but I wasn't going to argue with that having got here so easily) and we walked out to buy new shoes elsewhere.  Elsewhere we found better shoes, in leather and only slightly more than I had paid for the damaged ones.

PHEW.  Well that was easier than I thought it would be!


  1. Oh bless you Rosie, what an ordeal. It was all going so well too what with the discounted shoes you purchased initially. That's great you managed to get a credit note, a lot of places wouldn't do that - and that you found better shoes of course! Phew! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    Apologies for not getting to you yesterday, was working all day then had to go to London! I'll tweet your post out once Linky tools is back up - seems to be affecting everyone :)

    1. Thank you Charly - shopping in a foreign country can itself be a bit of an ordeal and getting things returned even harder at times. But Perseverance is my middle name and I am getting much better at standing my ground and not being fobbed off now. Oh and LinkyTools is up and running again now :)


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