Friday, 28 February 2014

Crèpes à L'Anglais?

Posted by Rosie

I had just left the supermarket yesterday and was heading to collect Tom from his saxophone lesson when the phone rang.  Pulling over Ben asked if I could get some plain flour as we had run out and he wanted to take some pancakes into school tomorrow.  On February 2nd here in France it was la Chandeleur, more commonly know as Candlemass in the UK and a day when the French traditionally eat pancakes. On that date parents had been asked to send in some home-made jams to eat with the pancakes that the cook had made for them.  Tomorrow is the last day before their 2 week half term break and with lots of jam left over the teacher asked if anyone would like to bring in some pancakes ... and Ben immediately volunteered.  When he told me this my first though was how ironic that the only English boy in the school was the one volunteering to make that most French of dishes - crèpes!

So I popped into Netto after picking Tom up and bought the flour ... and a bargain that turned out to be with a huge bag of offer!  Back home hands were washed, ingredients were gathered and the making of Crèpes à L'Anglais began.

Measuring flour from that massive bag I bought

Carefully cracking eggs

Flip ... what you can't see is the dogs waiting on, ever hopeful for failure!

Ben with his Crèpes à L'Anglais
I have no idea if the recipe for British pancakes is exactly the same as French crèpes but I hope the children at school enjoy them. There are unfortunately a few children who have made rather a fuss when we have taken in some other British goodies.  OK, I can understand Marmite being a shock to the taste buds but even the teacher got cross when one girl feigned sickness on eating a spoonful of Christmas Pudding and this same girl was told in no uncertain terms NOT to make a fuss when trying lemon curd!  I hope she likes Ben's pancakes - he worked hard making them and only one ended up on the floor - much to the disappointment of the dogs!

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  1. Ha ha - Christmas pudding is delicious! Hope they're a success x

    1. We all love Christmas pudding here - and a good number of Ben's French friends do too. I am sure they will love his pancakes.


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