Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mild Madness

Posted by Rosie

No, I am not referring to myself although I am sure there are many who would apply the word madness to me, even without the mild.  I am in fact referring to the weather.  Like much of the UK we have been battered by storms this winter with plenty of wind and rain to keep up us on our toes ... or at least out looking for things that have blown away.  Yet despite all the storms though the weather has actually remained very mild for the time of year.  We have had hardly any frosts, no snow and, what has prompted me most to write this post, over the last 3 days I have seen 2 butterflies, a bat, several caterpillars and 9 different species of wild flowers in bloom.  Today, working in the polytunnel the temperature was a very pleasant 13 degrees C and had been up to 21 degrees C sometime over the last couple of days.

Remind me of the date again.  January 8th you say?  Are you sure?

Frost in the valley - Jan 8th 2010
4 years ago it was much colder - the valley was all frosty and no doubt I was complaining having to break the ice in water buckets.  It snowed the day after.  Whilst mild weather in a way makes things easier, it is not without its problems.  There is a lot of mould on plants in the polytunnel and the weeds in there are growing like mad.  Pumpkins that I rushed to cover from frost back in October are now going mouldy because it is so mild.  Without cold weather to kill off some overwintering pests we are likely to have a bad pest year to follow.  Also if plants are tricked into thinking it's spring they could start to grow too soon and then we do get cold weather (which I am sure we will) they will suffer badly.  As well as all the flowers in bloom I also saw buds swelling on hazel trees and whorls of early purple orchid leaves springing up. 

As I have just written though, I am SURE winter will make it's appearance at sometime soon.  Quite often when NE USA gets bad weather it works it's way across the Atlantic and the UK/Western Europe gets an icy spell.  It's very cold over there now so we shall have to wait and see.

Cosy woodburner at Eco-Gites of Lenault
But what-ever the weather you will be warm and cosy if you decide to have a winter break at Eco-Gites of Lenault.  The woodburner keeps the whole gite toasty warm and you get plenty of logs to keep the fire alight throughout your stay.  If you come with young children there are masses of toys, games and books to keep them happy (and the TV of you want it showing UK channels).  Alternatively why not come with that special person in your life for a romantic break in the country of lovers?  After all it is Valentine's Day soon ;)

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  1. it is very mild - not bothered to light the fires or anything last 2 days - but as you say, the cold will probably come

  2. We have had our fire lit but only because we had all the gite bedding to get dry - and we have kept it very low. Shall we take bets on when we'll get some proper cold weather?


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