Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rainbow over the Play Area at Eco-Gites of Lenault

Posted by Rosie



  1. Gorgeous rainbow, lovely image for the gîte. Having seen this on FB I thought you'd be linked yup to the Silent Sunday linky but you don't seem to be. You should, it's fun and gets lots of comments. Here's my latest one

  2. Thank you Phoebe - I hadn't realised there was a linky I could sign up to (or rules I could break - oops) but I will do so now you've pointed me in the right direction. Merci!

  3. What a lovely photo, I see a double rainbow #WordlessWednesday x

  4. Beautiful! Two rainbows! I don't understand how you broke the Silent Sunday rules with it though. Love it. Thanks for linking up with #WordlessWednesday!

    1. Ah well I hadn't taken it in the preceding week to when I published it. But shhhh - don't tell the linky owner as she didn't notice LOL.


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