Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Autumn Walk

Posted by Rosie

We have had our first taste of winter.  The temperature has dropped and over the last 2 days we have had both sleet and awoken to a gorgeous white frost ... oh and bolts on the animal pens that were frozen solid!  However up until this cold spell we had actually had a very mild autumn with just one frost in the night a few weeks ago that finished off the courgettes.  That meant that I went for a walk with the dogs a couple of days ago and remembered to take the camera there was still plenty of Autumn's glory to photograph.

Beautiful Autumn leaves
Late fruiting blackberries - I'll leave these for the birds
Wonderfully colourful and poisonous spindle berries
No idea if these are edible and I won't be finding out!
The rosehips left after picking others for rosehip syrup
Fallen leaves
A hint of Spring to come


  1. We've gone from summer to winter in one fell swoop! The teperatures have dropped about 18° and we also just had a frost. But up until a couple of days ago we were still in t-shirts which means we haven't had much of the loveliness of autumn. Nice to see your pictures of it.

  2. We did have a nice long Autumn although the colours were more muted than other years .... but they did hang around for a long time. And the hedgerows gave us many rich pickings this year.

  3. Your photos are amazing. Am so glad you took the camera along to snap a few so you could share with us. Have a great weekend!

  4. Awesome pictures! We've had a weird Fall here. 70 degrees, then two days later 6 inches of snow. I'm bummed I didn't actually take the opportunity to appreciate the change in the season while I had the chance!

  5. Thank you Linda and Lisa. Even now after the wind and rain of late autumn (and some sleet) there are still loads of golden leaves on the trees and in the late afternoon sunshine yesterday they were stunning .... but I didn't have my camera with me! Hope you don't get too much snow Lisa ... well unless that's what you want!

  6. Love your photos, Rosie! We used to have fall here in Canada up until a couple days ago, which was really a nice surprise! And now onto winter :)
    Thanks for your great photo collage, you warmed me up a little, hehe

  7. Still just hanging on to autumn here Delia - but interspersed with cold, wet winter weather and a strong desire to hide inside in front of the fire!


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