Sunday, 29 September 2013

Heading fast towards October

Posted by Rosie

This time last year we had already had our first frost and I was dashing out to check that the pumpkins I hadn't yet harvested were still OK (they were!).  This September is a very different story with warm, often hot days and very mild nights.  Our window is still wide open all night and I have no need for a jumper when I go out to feed the animals ... although leaving at 7.10am to get Tom to the bus stop does sometimes warrant one extra thin layer, if only because I am not sufficiently awake to work out if it's mild or cold!

Back in late June we bought new sun umbrellas for our garden and the gite.  At that time it was actually rather chilly but the man at Point Vert where we bought the umbrellas assured us that July might be a bit dodgy weather-wise but August, September and October would be good.  Actually July turned out to be blisteringly hot and August and September have been lovely.  So the umbrellas got well used and we are now wondering what will October hold for us?  I am hoping for the warmth to carry on a bit longer as I still have plenty of veg coming out of the garden and I've recently sown lots of green manure in vacant parts of the veg patch.  Mild weather also means we have enough grass for the animals and more importantly it is great for our gite guests!

But to be honest we never seem to have the same weather for any October so we have no idea what it may be like this year.  It may be stormy:

Oct 2012

It may be hot enough to head to the beach when in 2011 temperatures reached 30 degrees on the second Sunday in October!

Oct 2011

It may be calm and sunny showing off the autumn colours to their best:

Oct 2008

Or we may just get some stunning sunsets and be left hoping hope that the old adage of "Red Sky at night ... Shepherd's delight" holds true:

Oct 2007
Your guess is a good as mine so please do add a comment with what you think October 2013 might be like  ... and we'll have a look back at the end of the month and see if any of us were right!  I am going to stick my neck out and say warm, wet and calm to begin with, followed by some mid month frosts and storms to finish off!  Over to you ....


  1. Hoping for some warmer weather for a little while yet! Though perhaps not 30 degrees!

    Best wishes, Nick

  2. It was 25 degrees yesterday afternoon - I really should have changed out of jeans into something thinner as my legs were so hot!


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