Saturday, 13 April 2013

Good News for Ben

A Happy Ben
Ben had a scan on his back Tuesday, followed by a visit to the doctors on Wednesday.  And all went very well.  The two fractures have repaired although there is still a slight compression.  The doctors are very pleased with the recovery, but restrictions still apply.

He is now allowed to sit down and to start gentle sports - swimming, on road cycling.  Jarring activates are out for quite a while, so no jumping and diving into the swimming pool, no off roading on his bike and no trampolining.  Rugby and other contact type sports are off the menu until the autumn.

Overall Ben has done really well but there are times when he thinks he knows better and just wants to be his normal active self (and can you blame him?), but reminders that he still has a little way to go are not always received well.  Most times a gentle reminder is greeted with a nod of quiet understanding.

Other times he (understandably) heads of in a strop and stomp.  These are now known as 'stromps' in our household.  And unfortunately the stomp side of these stromps are not good for his back and believe you me he doesn't like being told to stop.

But stromps apart he has done very well - and sorry Ben, we know it was tough but wasn't it worth it having your mum and dad being strict with you? And he does want to go skiing next year.

And the best news for Ben is that he has been allowed to go on the school trip on Monday and Tuesday which had been very doubtful until now.


  1. Great news indeed. Well done all of you, a difficult time, especially for such an active family.

    Enjoy your trip Ben.

  2. Thank you Sandra - he is still a bit limited on what he can do but he is well on the road to a full recovery ... and both he and Tom had a fantastic time on the school trip to Puy du Fou.


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