Thursday, 6 December 2012


Posted by Rosie

Perfect Winter's Day
We woke up this morning to frost - not so cold as to freeze the water buckets solid but cold enough to make the mud hard enough to walk on. Cold enough too for a whisper of mist to hang in the valley. This is my perfect Winter weather and with the sun shining everything glistened beautifully. 

With the place to myself (Simon is in the UK and the boys at school) I fed the animals and then headed of to take the dogs for an extra long walk. With no wind, the sounds of winter were there to hear - footsteps crunching through the frozen leaves and the eerie cries of a flock of lapwings rising up above the empty fields. Even Poppy seemed to be enjoying herself more than might be expected - she's not dog who really enjoys the cold but like me she prefers frost to cold rain! Saari, being half Husky was in her element though, leaping around like a teenager with an evil glint in her eye. The last time I did our chosen walk she disappeared, I assume after a deer and today she had her ears and eyes peeled, hoping for a repeat performance. However I kept a close eye on her and with no deer to be seen she didn't do a bunk. Phew!

There is talk of maybe a flurry of snow before rain tomorrow. I sincerely hope not but the boys would love to see snowflakes falling. I wonder who will get there wish!


  1. I too love the sound of frost crunching under foot and your description of your dog walk is so evocative of winter in Normandy. I have a litle place not too far from you to which I haven't been in 3 years and this piece makes me miss it all the more. I can just picture the lapwings. So who got their wish? You or the boys?

  2. Me!! (although not without a bit of sleet first!) If you ever make it up here to your little place please do come and say hello in person.

  3. Rosie you are so lucky to have lapwings - they have all but disappeared from south east England. We had snow here in Surrey on Weds, it was lovely but I'm glad that it didn't stick around - just causes to much disruption!

  4. Lapwings are certainly a joy to see each winter - we used to see them in Kent when we lived there, both in the fields and up on the marshes. I hope they are still there. No snow here (much to the disappointment of the boys) but some lovely slippery hail on frozen ground this morning meaning there was no school bus.

  5. I just love this kind of weather, Rosie! Perfect for a walk at noon when it becomes a bit warmer if it's a sunny day. What a lovely photo you took also!


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