Friday, 14 September 2012

Scaredy Dog!!

Saari is  Husky x German Shepherd. 
Saari is a big dog.
Saari can look quite scary (but is in fact a real softie).
Saari needs to go to the vet for her vaccination boosters.
Saari does not like trips to the vet .

You would think a big soft dog like Saari would not mind a trip to see our friendly vet to receive a small needle in the side after a quick health check.

Think again!!
Saari is a scaredy dog!
A happy Saari in the snow

Ever since Saari went to be spayed she has developed a MASSIVE fear of all vets. As soon as you open the surgery door and she smells that "oh so characteristic whiff" all vets have, she goes into reverse.  Rapid reverse.

Luckily I have a friend on hand to help usher her unceremoniously through the door, only on this particular occasion we were told there would be a delay before our appointment. So we sat in the corner to wait with Saari firmly wedged between my friend's knees, shaking ever so slightly ... and dribbling (Saari that is, not my friend!).  A while later a couple came in carrying a large pet cage covered in a blanket and that was all too much for her. She started to reverse again, this time under my friend's chair such that by the time the next couple came in with their dog all you could see of Saari was her two front paws which were now shaking violently.  Well, at least her antics brought a smile to the faces of the other clients!

Finally her turn came and we frog-marched her into the consulting room. NO WAY was she going to get on that table on her own so the 2 of us heaved her up.  The vet examined her, assured us she was in good health and then injected her.  During all this time the two of us held onto her firmly to prevent any escape attempts and she continued to shake and dribble.

After this ordeal, my friend took her outside whilst I settled the bill and all I heard, as I rummaged for my purse, was, "Saari - hang on!!" I'm guessing Scaredy Dog left the surgery at speed!


  1. Poor Saari! I feel quite the same way about going to the doctor.

  2. It's the dentist that does it for me :-(

  3. Our big boy Freki doesn't like the vet either. Geri girl on the other hand just thinks it the best spot for chasing cats.

  4. Nice post! I love the term frog marched and it is puts all these images in my head... thanks for sharing all about Saari.

    Angela from

  5. Yep I'm the same with the dentist! Ever since my cat had her temperature taken by the vet poking the thermometer up her bum she has not been keen to go! #animaltales

  6. This so reminds me of my old dog. Harry couldn't wait to get in the vets to sniff all the other dogs, but then couldn't wait to get out. Poor things. It's quite an ordeal for them.

  7. sounds like me and the dentist, bob is so bloody soft he goes to the vets willingly then cries like a baby when they cut his nails, it often takes several visits to get them all done

  8. This could've been Stella! Vets gave up a very long time ago trying to check her over on the table, they all crawl around on the floor with her...while some poor soul with a mop is cleaning the slipping hazard of drool! Poor Saari :) x


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