Sunday, 20 May 2012

Deaf Dogs!

Posted by Rosie

It's not so much that I get really cross when the dogs decide to do a bunk on their walk, it's the fact that invariably, they are well within hearing range and STILL decide not to re-appear. It's also the fact that they seem to know the best place to disappear from. Take yesterday. I walked round the path towards a friend's cottage where I needed to check if their lawn had grown. It took no more than 10 seconds to check the length of the grass. TEN seconds when my back was turned and Saari and Poppy were off. Now I don't believe that any dog can get out of hearing range in 10 seconds, however fast they run, yet despite my yelling like a banshee they did not come back.

Then there was their choice of disappearing point. It was well chosen with several paths and a road all radiating from the cottage. One path went towards a house where I know dog food is often left outside, another towards a house where some-one was strimming and a third towards a farm where Poppy likes the owners. Which way did I think they had gone? Raiding dog food? NO. Helping strim? NO. Chatting to the farmer? NO.

By now my patience was well and truly wearing thin.Where were they?

Poppy appeared first, by the car belonging to the person strimming. I walked down that way, just a tiny bit further than before and saw both Saari and the reason that she didn't want to come back - one massive pile of manure, dumped by the farmer and waiting to be spread on the fields.

Saari did eventually tear herself away from her feast. That pile of muck was most definitely within hearing distance of the cottage where I was calling from but it would seem that eating poop also renders dogs completely DEAF ... and quite possibly immobile as well.

Us? Run away. No, you must have confused us with some other dogs
Bad, bad dogs!


  1. Ahh - didn't sign in!

    I was trying to say that one of our dogs is just the same. Disappears around the back of an outbuilding and feigns deafness until he's ready to come back. I have even been known to go off in the car in case he has decided on a riverside amble, only to come back and find him behind an outbuilding with a "where have you been" face! Another bad, bad dog! Only trouble is they know how to win you round afterwards.

  2. and what about fox po op! OMG. What is it with dogs and stinky stuff. Stagnant ditches also. Lovely

    Have they been sick yet? gosh I would have tied them up out side. you are very brave!

  3. Ah yes, they know all about winning us round and then rolling in fox poop the next minute.

    I did in fact leave them outside for the rest of the day (they stank) - the photo was taken previously when nothing smelly had been consumed or rolled in!


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