Monday, 16 April 2012

Food - Well it is the only thing I eat!

Ben's (HelpX) Lamb Casserole
Charlotte with Grass Stew
Whilst I've been fed a lovely lamb casserole this evening  made by our latest Helper, Ben (Rosie & the boys are in the UK), Charlotte, one of our sows was enjoying her evening supper of freshly cut grass stew. She and the rest of the pigs seem to be relishing in their spring diet and hopefully they can get back out in the fields soon.

Talking of food, I have got back into bread making again.  We have used bread makers over the last few years but unfortunately ours broke down, so as we had a few bags of bread flour sitting around I decided to go into production.  Therefore, last week I went into production and made 6 loaves - 2 Bloomers, 2 Spelt Flour Loaves and 2 Beer Loaves.  The last two loaves meant me making a great sacrifice in giving up two precious bottles of my English Bitter.

Beer Bread
The loaves were a great success and (our) Ben was especially enthusiastic about the beer bread. He didn't realised that the bread contained beer but just loved the smell and flavour of this particular loaf.  So later this week I think I'll be making more but it will have to be with a French or Belgian beer, somehow the English bitter seems to have evaporated!  And will the bread be as good?  We'll wait and see then let the results be known.


  1. It all looks good,

    I wonder how the beer evaporated

    Sue xx

  2. spitfire is a £1 a bottle in sainsburys at the mo. Maybe one of your English guests could bring some to you.

    I myself am quaffing a shandy made with spitfire. Excellent after a bad day at work

  3. It was £1.00 in Morrisons last month, hence why I had a few bottles. I may ask a friend to get me some more. Even beertter wold be Shepherd Neame sending me some for this advert. he he. I wish.

  4. Beer bread sounds yum, perhps you could share the recipe..? :))

  5. It might have been £1 a bottle in Sainbury's but it was all sold out when I got there yesterday, as was the Old Speckled Hen ... I haven't broken the bad news to Simon yet :-(

  6. Hi Dee - there are recipes for beer bread but I for this one I just followed the normal white bread recipe and substituted water for beer.

    500g Strong white flour (sift into bowl)
    1 tsp salt (sift into bowl)
    1 tsp sugar
    1/2 to 1 tsp dried yeast

    Mix together

    Add in

    275ml Beer or stout (hand warmed)

    mix to make a rough dough

    tbsp Veg oil

    Mix and knead, let rise, knock back. Put in tin, rise and bake.

    Might have been lucky but it worked and was very nice.

    thebuddinggourmet - no problem at all


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