Wednesday, 21 March 2012

UK Trip

Chestnut Coppice
I have been back from the UK for a week now.  I had a very successful time there, helped by some very good weather - whilst we worked.  Funny how some of the days we didn't work, it rained.

My mate, Jon, and I did two five day blocks of chestnut coppicing and between the two of us we felled over a third of a hectare of timber (approx. 1 acre in old money).  I believe we were helped by the glorious weather and that both of us were much fitter than we were last year.  Me from having already been tree felling and Jon because he had had more work this winter.
Wood Anemones

On the final day it was lovely to see the wood anemones making their first appearance.  When we started work that morning there was no sign of them flowering, but by lunch time they were popping out all over the site.  . They will be followed by an amazing array of bluebells - judging by the amount coming through.

Woolwich Ferry Trip
In between the two blocks of work I caught up with a few friends, which was great.  I was able to stay at a friends flat in Woolwich (thank you, Eddie) which was great help.  I did something I hadn't done since I was about 8 year old - went on the Woolwich ferry - and wouldn't rush to do it again.  I also went over to High Wycombe on the Saturday afternoon and watched London Wasps v London Irish. Not the greatest of matches but still a fun afternoon.  I'm glad Jon suggested I get a seat under cover, otherwise I would have got absolutely soaked from a very heavy downpour.

I then met up, on the Saturday evening, with Sally, my sister, and a few of her friends before going on to the theatre, in all places - a French  Restaurant.  And if you want to go and see a brilliant comedy I would strongly recommend  One Man, Two Guvnors  with Owain Arthur.  It was extremely funny and very enjoyable.  One of the best comedies I've ever seen.

I also met up with Sally, on the Sunday, at Greenwich, making use of the Thames Clipper ferry from Woolwich Arsenal.  And where did we have a lunch?  In a French restaurant, again.  And I was so looking forward to a good old English fry up in a good old English Cafe- well admittedly that was full.  We then had a look round the market - in the rain - before I took the ferry back to Woolwich (and watch Rugby).

So all in all a good trip to the UK, finished as always with the inevitable supermarket trip for those British foods we miss here.  Now getting back to all the jobs here.

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