Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow School Today

Two happy boys are already out playing in the snow this morning, having just been told there is no school today.  The piglets are not impressed and are not venturing out - keeping snuggled somewhere in a pile of hay bedding.  I'm supposed to be out felling more trees but have put that on hold.

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow (and very cold temperatures).  Ben was out sledging before 8 o'clock (unimpressed parents), and both he and Tom played outside most of the day. And it looks like it will be much the same today.  Poppy had a great time trying to catch snowballs, whilst Saari looked on with a 'what's all this about expression?'.

A little more snow is forecast for today and then the temperature is supposed to plummet.  Great! Well at least it is not muddy!  And I'm sure I can find plenty of jobs to do around here - or enjoy the company of a book in front of the wood burner.


  1. What a wonderfultreat for them! No snow in this part of Sussex sadly although East Sussex really copped it!

  2. I think you have snow forecast for tomorrow though .....


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